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Rockerzine [Uk]: OUR GIFT GUIDE GOES TO 11!

OUR GIFT GUIDE GOES TO 11! Seventy Rocking Gifts! by The Rocker Zine StaffSome great gift ideas, including the Elefant Christmas album!!!Christmas Gift For You from  Elefant Records This super cute holiday collection from premiere Spanish indie-pop label Elefant is like a Christmas stocking full …



Rockdelux [Sp]: "A Christmas Gift For You From Elefant Records" album review

ELEFANT RECORDS"A Christmas Gift For You" es el álbum navideño de Elefant Records, dieciséis temas para estas fechas a cargo de Attic Lights, Guille Milkyway, The Magic Theatre, Single, Modular, Edine Avec Lisle Mitnik Et Son Orchestre, The Yearning, The School (dos canciones; los únicos repetid…



Vanidad [Sp]: "A Christmas Gift For You From Elefant Records" album review

Vanidad Playlist: unaalternativa a los cansinosvillancicos de cada añoQue sí, que los peces beben en el río. Que sí, que una campana sobre una campana. Que sí, que la Navidad es francamente agotadora en lo que a lo musical se refiere. La tarde previa a la primera cena de Nochebuena siempre es u…



Brandish [Uk]: "A Christmas Gift For You" album review

A Christmas Gift For You – Elefant Records ace new festive albumThe number one Christmas single! Once the preserve of Noddy, Roy and Shane and now a toss up between some TV karaoke dork and a Facebook inspired campaign to revive the career of an old metal band.This is a terrible shame as the pl…



Ikon [Swe]: "BMX Bandits In Space" album review

BMX BANDITS  ”IN SPACE” (2012)Det kan mycket väl vara årets snyggaste artwork på BMX Bandits In Space. Dessutom kan jag inte riktigt få nog av bandnamnet. BMX Bandits låter som ett hysteriskt kul band; ivriga påhejare av adrenalinkickar och allmän busighet, fylld av skrapade knän och e…



Zona Musical [Sp]: "A Christmas Gift For You From Elefant Records" album review

El regalo de Navidad de Elefant Records A Christmas Gift For You From Elefant Records es el álbum que reúne canciones navideñas de las estrellas del sello independiente, como La Casa Azul, Single, Modular, The School, The Primitives, BMX Bandits o Fitness Forever.Los responsables del sello Elef…



Scotsman [Uk]: "BMX Bandits In Space" album review

BMX Bandits: BMX Bandits In SpaceELEFANT, £12.99Star rating: * * * *It cannot be said of many bands that their 16th album is one of their most cohesive and ambitious to date, but this lovingly arranged (and packaged) space pop opera is a collaborative work to be proud of, with returning Bandits Jim…











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