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El Planeta Amarillo Fanzine [Sp]: "BMX Bandits In Space" album review



El Planeta Amarillo Fanzine [Sp]: "BMX Bandits In Space" in the Top international album of 2012



Record Collector [Uk]: "BMX Bandits In Space" album review



Is This Music? [Uk]: 5 stars review of "BMX Bandits In Space" album

BMX BANDITS IN SPACE (ELEFANT)Astonishingly, BMX Bandits In Space is the sixteenth studio album from Duglas T. Stewart’s BMX Bandits in twenty-six years. The two decades of their existence have seen the Bandits switch lineups for almost every record — but this outing sees Stewart reunite with a…



Pennyblack Music [Uk]: "BMX Bandits In Space" album review

BMX Bandits: BMX Bandits in Space Reviewed By: Anthony Strutt Label: Elefant Records Format: CDThe return of BMX Bandits is a wonderful thing, and makes a perfect present for fans of indie pop of all ages. As wacky as ever, the band offer fifteen slices of poetry from the wit and charm of Duglas…



Rockdelux [Sp]: "BMX Bandits In Space" album review



Diario Abierto: “A Christmas Gift for you from Elefant Records” Review

Elefant: navidad todo el año-Villancicos inéditos de bandas de la escudería.Por estas fechas, siempre surgen discos con motivos navideños. El más famoso, el de los Beach Boys. Siguiendo su estela, el sello Elefant ha preparado “A Christmas Gift for you”, trabajo  rebosante de temas inédi…











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