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Dangerous Minds [Uk]: "BMX Bandits In Space" review

‘BMX BANDITS IN SPACE’: DUGLAS T. STEWART RELEASES CONTENDER FOR ALBUM OF THE YEARThe latest release from BMX Bandits reunites the talented, maverick frontman, Duglas T. Stewart with his former Bandits Jim McCulloch, Norman Blake and Sean Dickson, who together have produced BMX Bandits In Space…



Herald Scotland [Uk]: "BMX Bandits In space" review

BMX Bandits, BMX Bandits In Space (Elefant)From the superb artwork (by Jean Duprez) and the framing kitsch retro instrumental colourings made with vintage associate Sean Dickson of The Soup Dragons that top and tail it, this may be the most elegantly conceived album yet from Duglas T Stewart and hi…



Everything Flows [Uk]: "BMX Bandits In Space" review

BMX Bandits In SpaceBMX Bandits release their latest album 'BMX Bandits In Space'tomorrow (29th October) on Elefant Records. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and I've had a week with the album, so lets check out what Duglas T Stewart and his band of Bandits have been up to...B…



Magic [Fr]: Pre-review "BMX Bandits In Space"

BMX BanditsNouvel album sur Elefant, 'Listen To Some Music' en écouteOn glose (ah ça, pour gloser, y a du monde hein) sur les groupes qui splittent puis se reforment à moyen terme, mais on se dit que c'est peut-être la meilleure stratégie pour cultiver le mythe et continuer à susc…



Bucket Full Of Brains [sp]: "Space Escapade [Aventura espacial] Unit 1 Destination: Pluto Sector 68" review



Rockdelux [sp]: Primavera Sound 2011, Concert article



"Space escapade [Aventura espacial] Unit 1 Destination: Pluto Sector 68" article

Space escapade Unit 1 - Destination: Pluto Sector 68 [La banda el?stica]foto: Archivo Elefant











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