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BBC 6, Marc Riley [En]: Session and Interview [Podcast]

Click HERE BMX Bandits Marc Riley BMX Bandits in session tonight. Founded in the 80's in Bellshill near Glasgow by main man Duglas T Stewart who writes and sings lead vocals on the songs.The group's most celebrated song is the autobiographical Serious Dr…



The Skinny [En]: "BMX Bandits Forever" Duglas T Stewart interview

BMX Bandits Forever: Duglas T Stewart interview The Belshill indie-pop icons are back with their tenth full-length – frontman Duglas T Stewart talks us through itDuglas T Stewart is one of indie-pop’s great survivors. Glasgow’s collection of bands and artists that fall under that description …



The Guardian [En]: BMX Bandits' Duglas T Stewart: 'I create beauty out of pain and ugliness'

The evening before we’re due to meet, Duglas T Stewart gets in touch with a warning. Over the last two years, says the frontman of BMX Bandits, he has been wrestling with mental health issues that manifest themselves in self-harm. “Last night,” he explains, “I attacked myself – and my face…



The Herald Scotland [Es]: The unique musical language of BMX Bandits

The unique musical language of BMX Bandits     In 1986, indie magazine Sounds reviewed the debut single from BMX Bandits. “Indigestably sickly sweet,” they wrote of the Bellshill sunshine-pop rabble's inaugural seven-inch, E102. “These BMX Bandits present the absolute personification…



Radio Gladys Palmera [Es]: Entrevista a Luis y Montse Elefant en "Nuevas Sensaciones" de Jesús Ordovás

Luis Calvo y Montse Santalla son dos personajes imprescindibles en el mundo del pop español de las últimas décadas. Llevan casi 25 años al frente de Elefant Records el sello donde han grabado desde Family a La Casa Azul pasando por Carlos Berlanga, Cooper o Nosotrash. Han escrito fanzines, cread…



Eye Plug [En]: Indie Icons – BMX Bandits Interview

Indie Icons – BMX BanditsThis entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Cherry Red Icons Cherry Red Icons Indie Icons – the Wolfhounds Indie Icons – 14 Iced Bears Indie Icons – The Brilliant Corners Indie Icons – June Brides Indie Icons – BMX Bandits Indie Icons – Mighty MightyB…



El Confidencial [Sp]: Reflections about Christmas songs from Elefant [Talking about Vainica Doble, Navidades Radioctivas, Phil Spector...]

En España no somos menos: también tenemos villancicos popCasi todos los artistas que nos han influenciado en Elefant Records han sacado alguna canción navideña o incluso un álbum completo, y en muchos casos, varios a lo largo de su carrera. En los años 50 y los años 60 los discos navideños …











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