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Scots Whay Hae [Es]: BMX BANDITS Forever [Review]

New Musical Success: A Review Of The Best In New Music…Every summer needs a great soundtrack, and this year’s starts right here and now. The following review is an eclectic mix which includes the welcome return of the firmest of favourites when it comes to indie-pop, melancholic electronic bea…



Power Of Pop [En]: "BMX Bandits Forever" [Review]

PoP RECOMMENDS | POP POWER !!! : BMX BANDITS – BMX BANDITS FOREVERRevered 90s pop-rock band BMX Bandits are back with a fab new album, BMX Bandits Forever!Singer and principal songwriter Duglas T Stewart, the heart and soul of BMX Bandits, remains its main focus, backed by a rotating cast of mus…



The Skinny North [En]: BMX Bandits Forever [Review]

BMX Bandits – BMX Bandits Forever Album Review★★★★ Album title: BMX Bandits Forever Artist: BMX Bandits Label: Elefant Records Release date: 19 May   The title of BMX Bandits Forever, the tenth full-length of the ragtag gang of indie pop favourites led by Duglas T Stewart, seems to…



Glasgow Music City Tours [En]: BMX Bandits Forever and Ever by Duglas Stewart

BMX Bandits Forever and Ever by Duglas Stewart Posted on May 13, 2017   We’d like to say a huge thank you to Duglas for taking the time out to write another guest blog for us. In this piece, Duglas takes us in detail through some of the key tracks and influences on the long-awaited new BMX…



The Skinny [En]: "BMX Bandits Forever" Duglas T Stewart interview

BMX Bandits Forever: Duglas T Stewart interview The Belshill indie-pop icons are back with their tenth full-length – frontman Duglas T Stewart talks us through itDuglas T Stewart is one of indie-pop’s great survivors. Glasgow’s collection of bands and artists that fall under that description …



Piggledy Pop [Fr]: "BMX Bandits Forever" album [Article]

BMX Bandits    Les bandits écossais battent le fer pop depuis 1983. Kurt Kobain disait 'If I could be in any other band, it would be BMX Bandits'. Quand apparait le groupe sous l'impulsion de l'auteur-compositeur Duglas T Stewartqui renait des cendres de The Pretty Flowers, la…



Listening Is Not Enough [En]: A Night with the BMX Bandits [Review]

                     Saturday, 6 February 2016 Dreamers: A Night with the BMX BanditsIndependent pop music in 1986 was genuinely that – it was independent – fierce in spirit and attitude – it was not part of the plan – it was immediate – simple and available from the right reco…











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