This band from Linares (Jaén) managed to be considered one of the finest indie pop outfits in Spain, due to their solid sound based on distorted guitars and catchy melodies inspired in the best tradition of Uk indie rock music. Their status remained till the band decided to quit in August 2001.




The bands gives its first news in 1991; that same year they got to the finals of the National Roland-Rock de Lux magazine battle of the bands with their first demo, which was followed up by three more, distributed through fanzines and specialized mags.


By the beginning of 1993 they’re signed by Elefant Records and that same year they release their first Ep, “Drive Wheel”, plus a new demo which gets to the top 1 in a specialized show in Spanish National Radio.


The debut album is finally out in September of the next year, after having released an advance single, “Sixty”, which was received to critical acclaim, above all because of their impressive live act, which brought them to participate in all kind of festivals,compilations and tribute records both in Spain and abroad, achieving with an only album what many bands only dream of.


In August 1995 a new single is released, “Slow song”, and in 1996 a new single in CD format, “Ultrasónica”, with three new songs which show their interest for evolution towards unexplored musical territories. February 1997 meant the long-awaited release of their second LP, “Space Rock Melodies”, their best record so far: their exciting vision of neopsychedelic sound and most danceable rock places them among the best bands in the late alternative pop, both Spanish and international. Such a prove of songwriting skills as those embodied in this fantastic CD shows the level of profesionality and quality they have achieved.


After presenting this record all throughout Spain -including appearances at some important Spanish Festivals like Doctor Music or Espárrago Rock- they made some escapades outside, like the London-based Eurobasch contest -a sort of Alternative Eurovision!- or their appearance at the Eurockéens Festival at Belfort (France), sharing the bill with such popular acts as PRODIGY or PULP.



In May 1999 a new album is released: “Duty”, where AUTOMATICS show how they keep on improving their skills at writing perfect pop songs based on walls of distorted guitars and hyper catchy melodies. They are coming closer and closer to making the perfect pop record. “Duty” was oficially premiered in 1999’s Benicassim Festival.



In 2000 there’s a new CD-Single out: “Experiments in motion graphics”; it includes techno remixes of old AUTOMATICS songs like “Sputnik was sent into space over 30 years ago, in 1957” (from “Ultrasónica” cd-single), “Swayfest”, “Lone” (from “Space rock melodies”) made by BIG TOXIC, HD SUBSTANCE and David from BEEF. There’s also a live take of one of the tracks in “Duty”, “They will be forever”.



2001 means an AUTOMATICS comeback, which turns out to be their swansong as well: a new CD-Single is released in July. “Wilson, love me” features three brand new songs: “An empty page” , “Big lies under a summer rain (Wilson, love me)” and “The night poacher in the hall”. But shortly after the band makes public their split.


After the split, from the nucleus of AUTOMATICS sprout two new bands: UNIVERSAL CIRCUS (formed around Jose and Alfonso, singer and guitarist respectively) and HUSBAND (formed by the rest of the band, including Manolo H. Aranzana, main composer in the former project). Both release new albums under the new monikers: UNIVERSAL CIRCUS on Spanish indie label Mushroom Pillow, and HUSBAND on their own label, Egunon Música (available through Elefant Records' mail order catalogue).



30/09/2013 AUTOMATICS: 1991-2001 Double LP / Digital Album [30-09-2013] “1991-2001” is a 20-song compilation – of which two songs are completely new and were just recently recorded – that sums up the 10-year span of AUTOMATICS’ existence. That is, this is a summary of one of the most important independent Spanish pop groups of the 90s. Clifford Records, our friend Laureano’s label, is in charge of the release of this double-vinyl, 500-copy limited edition that is simply a sonic artifact.








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