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Penny Black Music [Es]: Interview

Based in Cardiff, 60’s indebted indie-pop band The School have been around for over 8 years and are releasing their third album, ‘Wasting Away and Wondering’, at the beginning of September. They are currently in the middle of a clutch of summer festival appearances and headline sho…



Penny Black Music [Es]: Indietracks [Live Reviews]

Artist: Indietracks Title: Midland Railway Centre, Butterley, Derbyshire,24/7/2015 Category: Live Reviews Author: Dixie Ernill Date Published: 25/08/2015 An early dart from work to avoid the brunt of the commuter traffic around Manchester, followed by a pleasant meander through the Peak District, br…



Austin Town Hall [En]: School In The Middle Of Summer!

School In The Middle Of Summer!Well, lucky for you, not exactly. More like Cardiff pop band The School have released a killer single (for free!) from their upcoming record Wasting Away and Wondering that’s due out September 4th from Elefant Records. Now, a few months back I shared with you an…



Sweeping The Nation [En]: Do I Love You?

The School - Do I Love You?Frank Wilson's Northern Soul stomper is famous for its rarity in original pressing form (obviously it's all over compilations these days), which makes the prospect of an female perspective answer song an intriguing one. The Cardiff multi-handed retro-pop classicis…



A Musical Priority [En]: Do I Love You?

The SchoolDo You Love Me? Label: Elefant Records ‘Do I Love You?’ is the latest single from one of the greatest living pop bands of recent times, The School. Yes that may seem like high praise, but it is praise that is more than deserved as far as I am concerned. I know I am not on my ow…



L'Attimo Fuggente [It]: "Do I Love You?", Single of the week [Podcast]

Pincha AQUÍ para escuchar el Podcast



Linear Tracking Lives! [En]: Add Free Song To Your School Folder [Review]

Add Free Song To Your School Folder  If you're a regular reader, then you already know my infatuation with the School runs deep. 'Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything' was my No. 2 album of 2012, and I'm absolutely smitten by the Welsh band's brand of '60s and girl-g…











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