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ALT Scribe [En]: Wales Goes Pop! Interview with Liz Hunt

Wales Goes Pop! Interview with Liz HuntLiz Hunt organises Wales Goes Pop! as well as co-running events management services in Cardiff (Fizzi Events) and being in her own band, The School. Needless to say, I’m very grateful that Liz not only let me come along to Wales Goes Pop! this year, but …



Je Ne Sais Pop [Es]: Entrevista Previa a la gira española [Interview]

The School: “El NME finalmente reseñó nuestro último disco, ¡no nos lo podíamos creer!”Los galeses The School ya tienen al menos una decena de hits desperdigada por sus tres álbumes, ‘Loveless Unbeliever‘, ‘Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything‘ y ‘Wasting Away and Wond…



Disco Grande, Radio 3 [Es]: Acoustic/Interview a The School [Audio / Video]

Disco grande - Los ratos que pasa Liz de The School en el café - 22/02/16Fue la respuesta ingeniosa de uno de sus compañeros cuando les preguntábamos a ellos (que no a ella, a la jefa, a la autora de las canciones y líder del proyecto The School) el porqué de título tan doliente y pesimista. Y…



Musikitas [En]: Interview

       1You are here (in Spain) to present you new album. What can you tell us about the recording precess? It's great to be back in Spain! We recorded our album in Mid Wales with Rob Jones, who was also our first drummer. He recently produced an album for Sweet Baboo which I really love, a…



Histéricas Grabaciones [Es]: Entrevista a The School

Entrevista a Liz de The School The School incia una gira presentación de su nuevo disco "Wasting Away And wondering" The School son un numeroso grupo surgido en Cardiff y liderado por Liz (voz, antiguamente en The Loves). Sabiendo asimilar la influencia de los girl-groups de los años sese…



BBC RADIO Wales [En]: Exclusive mixes from The School

Adam Walton Presents   Adam WaltonListen in pop-out playerExclusive mixes from The School and Cam's Gwenno Saunders and Rhys Edwards.  The Blossoms That's When The Tears Fall Add "The Blossoms || Thats When The Tears Fall" to PlaylisterAdd to Playlister Wreckless Eri…



The Digital Fix [En]: Liz Hunt takes us on a tour through The School's new album

Liz Hunt takes us on a tour through The School's new album  EVERY DAYI wanted to make sure people didn't think this album is as sad as the title implies - it's actually the complete opposite, and this is such a cheery opening track. This one is about realising you're happy exactly w…











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