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Bandcamp [En]: Interviw with Luis Calvo from Elefant

Pincha AQUI



Loff It [Es]: La banda galesa The School publica nuevo single digital y vídeo

SU INDIE POP CON REMINISCENCIAS SESENTERA SIEMPRE RESULTA DELICIOSO Desde el mismo momento de su formación en 2007, este numeroso grupo procedente de Cardiff, Gales, conocido como The School ha demostrado siempre una atinadísima capacidad para combinar el indie pop con las mejores melodías de lo…



Je Ne Sais Pop [Es]: The School se acompañan de un perrete en el vídeo de ‘My Arms, They Feel Like Nothing’

The School se acompañan de un perrete en el vídeo de ‘My Arms, They Feel Like Nothing’En septiembre de 2015, The School editó su tercer disco, ‘Wasting Away and Wondering‘, por supuesto en Elefant. Aquel trabajo, que llegó a reseñar NME para incredulidad del propio grupo, tal y como n…



ALT Scribe [En]: Wales Goes Pop! Interview with Liz Hunt

Wales Goes Pop! Interview with Liz HuntLiz Hunt organises Wales Goes Pop! as well as co-running events management services in Cardiff (Fizzi Events) and being in her own band, The School. Needless to say, I’m very grateful that Liz not only let me come along to Wales Goes Pop! this year, but …



Shanemarais [Es]: The School, Moth Club, London (2 April 2016)

I’ve seen Welsh octet The School at least once a year for the past four years, twice if I’m lucky, and last night’s set at the Moth Club, Hackney, London was them on speed – or at least on poppers. The energy was way above the usual levels, perhaps due to the sterling work of dreamy French-b…



Rockdelux [Es]: Cola Jet Set + The School, concert at Sala But, Madrid [Review]



Conciertos Radio 3 TVE2 [Es]: Emisión concierto The School 14-03-2016











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