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All Music [usa]: "Spin-O-Rama [Review]

A good general rule for a band attempting to make an album after re-forming would be to do no harm. Don't sully the past by making an uninspired update of your classic sound, don't try to be modern and come off sounding desperate...don't suck, basically. The Primitives already passed thi…



Linear Tracking Lives [En]: Another lovely album from The Primitives

Another 'Lovely' Album From the Primitives  The Primitives first album of original material in 23 years is out today stateside, but it's as if no time between releases has elapsed at all.'Spin-O-Rama' is chock full of the same timeless indie pop PJ Court and Tracy Tracy gave to …



Diario Abierto [Es]: "Spin-O-Rama" [Review]

Primitives: Regreso radiante-“Spin-O-Rama” recuerda el punk-pop de sus inicios.Uno de los problemas de la vuelta de grupos que hace años no graban es la de quedar muy claro que es solo por dinero y que no hay inspiración. No pasa con el regreso de los Primitives. Vaya discazo se han traí…



The Big Take Over [En]: Exclusive Album Stream: Spin-O-Rama by The Primitives

Exclusive Album Stream: Spin-O-Rama by The Primitives   by Big Takeover ExclusivesHoly crap! That was our response (actually rather more scatalogical) to the news that The Primitives — that brilliant but short-lived group of Coventry indie-poppers, contemporaries of The Jesus and Mary Chain, …



Record Collector Mag [En]: "Spin-O-Rama" 4* [Review]



Monkey Picks [En]: "Spin-O-Rama" Album [Review]

THE PRIMITIVES - SPIN-O-RAMA (2014)  I was bemoaning recently there hasn’t been any great albums released this year; a remark which prompted a host of suggestions that I duly ploughed through. There were some good songs here and there but very few albums which kept my attention for the durati…



Cat On The Wall [Es]: "Spin-O-Rama" [Interview]

I’m too young to remember a lot of what made music great.It’s sad, really, isn’t it? That such a phrase can be uttered in a time when, realistically, charting music should be bigger, more vibrant and, above all else, more fun and exciting than ever.Just over twenty five years ago, …











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