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La Opinión [Es]: The Primitives performs at Lemon Pop Festival [Murcia, Spain, 06-09-2013], Interview



31 Canciones [Es]: Video of "Way Behind Me" in acoustic

‘SeviJamming’.Episodio36: THE PRIMITIVESUna semana más, 31canciones y el TATO Producciones os quieren acercar al maravilloso mundo de las grabaciones acústicas descontextualizadas, con una nueva entrega de nuestras SeviJamming. Por Armando Marín.Que levante la mano quién se sintió con…



Rockdelux [Es]: Review of "A Christmas Gift For You From Elefant Records" album



PeekABoo [En]: "Lose The Reason" Single 7" review

THE PRIMITIVES Lose The Reason [VINYL] If you had placed a bet on a The Primitives reunion 10 years ago, I am quite sure some bookmakers would have paid a few bucks for that. Luckily in 2009 the band decided to play live again. from there on, things kind of went their way, basically.  The first o…



El Periódico [Sp]: Pre-interview Mini-Festival concert to Tracy and Paul

REGRESO DE UN EXITOSO Y EFÍMERO GRUPO POP DE LOS 80 El rescate español de The Primitives El cuarteto actúa hoy en el Minifestival IndependentLos más viejos del lugar recordarán a The Primitives. Usando el argot actual, el cuarteto inglés fue tendencia a finales de los 80 junto a Transvision V…



Brandish Tv [Uk]: "Lose The Reason" Single 7" review

The Primitives return with ace new single Lose The Reason and early recordings comp Everything’s Shining Bright One of the most pleasant surprises of recent years has been the welcome, but very unexpected, return of 80s/90s power popsters The Primitives. After a hiatus of the best part of two dec…



Bitremenn [En]: "Echoes And Rhymes" [Review]

THE PRIMITIVES – ECHOES AND RHYMES Posted on February 4, 2013 by Erik Grønnestad in Records The Primitives know their craft so well, that their first full album in over 20 years made me hyperventilate. When I heard the rumours of a reunion in 2009, I never expected to see such a revita…











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