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The Digital Fix [En]: "Spin-O-Rama" Single of the Week

Singles Round Up: 1st September 2014Single of the Week Spinning away from the rest this week is ‘Spin-O-Rama’ a short, sharp and insanely catchy tune from recently revived 80s pop maestros The Primitives. As near a perfect example of the art of making a 7” single that you could ever wish to…



Sound Blab [En]: Spin-O-Rama Single [Reseña]

Spin-O-Rama The PrimitivesLabel: Elefant RecordsRelease date: 2014-09-01  The Primitives have enjoyed a marvelous renaissance since their reunion following bassist Steve Dullaghan’s death five years ago. Elefant have been at the forefront of that rebirth, releasing the band’s first album in ov…



Je Ne Sais Pop [Es]: The Primitives estrenan ‘Spin-O-Rama’

Los británicos The Primitives, autores del mítico ‘Lovely’ (1988), tienen nuevo sencillo. El tema se titula ‘Spin-O-Rama’ y sigue conservando la esencia del sonido de la formación. Se edita en un 7″ limitado a 500 copias en vinilo transparente y con el tema "Up So High" como cara b. De…



Monkey Picks [En]: "Spin-O-Rama" Single [Reseña]

  10.  The Primitives – “Spin-O-Rama” (2014)Here come the Prims, pirouetting out the music box like the opening scene of Camberwick Green to share the secrets of their delightful new hooks and handclapping single, “Spin-O-Rama”. Tracy Tracy takes the listener by the hand, twirls them a…



Mojo [En]: The 50 Greatest UK Indie Records Of All Time

From the fringes of the mainstream come 50 records of romance and revolt. By MOJO STAFF JULY 23, 2014INSPIRED BY PUNK, angered by Thatcher and in love with ’60s culture, the UK indie scene produced some of the greatest (and oddest) pop records of all time.It all began on December 28, 1976 at Ind…



El Planeta Amarillo [Es]: Lemon Pop Festival 2013 Review

LEMON POP 2013. MurciaViernes, 6 de Septiembre de 2013.El viernes era el mejor día del festival sin lugar a dudas! LOS BONSÁIS fueron los encargados de abrir fuego. El dúo asturiano sorprendió al público madrugador con buenas dosis de fuzz y melodías sobresalientes. Los Bonsáis  Tras ellos,…



La Opinión [Es]: To those who love music... , Lemon Pop 2013 article











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