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Discussions Magazine [En]: ELEFANT RECORDS' latest releases!

SPAZ reviews ELEFANT RECORDS' latest releases!           For Pop aficionados, there is no modern record label more exciting or invigorating thanElefant Records.  Whether you are a fan of Power Pop, Baroque Pop, Dance Pop, Lounge Pop, or any other type of melodically-inclined …



Dagger Zine [En]: "Spin-O-Rama" [Review]

The Primitives- SPIN-O-RAMA (ELEFANT)  After not being around for over two decades this sugary UK pop quartet returned in 2012 with ECHOES & RHYMES (and album of 60’s covers). I never heard that one and while friends tell me it’s good, you want to hear if a returning band can still writ…



The Big Take Over [En]: "Spin-O-Rama [Review]

The Primitives - Spin-O-Rama (Elefant)by Chuck Foster Triumphantly returning after their 1992 demise, Coventry, UK’s The Primitives deliver their first full-length of original songs in twenty-two years.Spin-O-Rama finds the band in top form, stripping down to the bare essentials that made the…



Huffington Post [En]: Best Indie Albums Of 2014



Disco Grande, Radio 3 [Es]: Entrevista a Tracy Tracy "Spin-O-Rama"

Disco Grande  "The Primitives: Tratado de pop en once lecciones"   17 nov 2014     AUDIO ENTREVISTA pinchando AQUÍ      Charla con Tracy Tracy a partir del minuto 36          Se lo queríamos decir a una de las "culpables" (Tracy Tracy) y extender ese sentimiento a Paul (PJ Court) compositor de los t…



Self Magazine [Es]: Spin-O-Rama [Review]

The Primitives, Spin-O-Rama (Elefant, 2014)Hay grupos que nunca deberían osar volver, otros en cambio nunca deberían haberse ido. Los vi en directo a principios del año pasado, y estaban en espléndida forma. Sólo funcionaron durante 6 años (1986-1992). Luego hubo 17 de invisibilidad (hasta 2009), y …



Porky Prime Cuts [En]: "Spin-O-Rama" [Review]

Prim and ProperNovember 12, 2014 by craighaggisTHE PRIMITIVES HAD IT ALL in the fag-end of the 1980s: harmonic pop songs serenaded by the photogenic Tracy Tracy, an accomplished songwriter in Paul McCourt and those songs: Crash, Stop Killing Me, Really Stupid and Thru’ the Flowers.  They aros…











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