Stereo Total: new album "Baby Ouh!"

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Unstoppable. Inexhaustible. Unclassifiable. Raise your hand if you know a group with a more punk attitude today. Weren’t we just talking about that Spanish-sung compilation disc that was “No Controles” a few months ago? The thing is, is that that pair of pop culture agitators (and terrorists) that are Françoise Cactus and Brezel Göring are back with a new disc. And they have nothing less than 40 songs recorded for it. But the point is that they’re here again with an uncontrollable punk and techno-pop feeling, singing in German, Spanish, French and English, on tune and shouting, agitated and unusual.

We can enjoy “No Controles” from OLÉ OLÉ again, and “Voy a Ser Mamá” from ALMODOVAR Y MACNAMARA (this time in English!!), revisitations of incomparable characters (Divine in “Divine’s Handtasche” and Andy Warhol in the song named after him), versions of all kinds, from Brigitte Fontaine (“Barbe À Papa”), to KRAFTWEERK (“Tour de France”), including Rita Pavone (“Wenn ich ein Junge wär”, which was also made popular by Nina Hagen in 1979) and the Canadian trio SOUPIR (“Larmes De Mêtal”), impossible punk (“Babyboom Ohne Mich”), special journeys to unforgettable melodies (“Baby Ouh”), but above all their on-target quality that is as identifiably theirs as a flag and that only they can sufficiently raise with pride (“Alaska”, “Lady Dandy”).

Surrounded by their usual and personal legion of collaborators, all of them taken from little-known bands, including the mention worthy Irma and Lou Schiller, responsible for that children’s choir on “Divine’s Handtasche”, the incorruptible duo play with sex and melancholy, the absurd and the ironic, forging a new and unrepeatable work, abounding in the more aggressive part of bands like LE TIGRE, recycling the electroclash, writing unforgettable choruses, abusing the irreverence of THE RAMONES and showing that their thing is pure political activism, understood through music. They are elusive enough for any collector, too much enfants terribles for the industry, too explicit for mass consumption, too many languages for the more orthodox ear, too irreverent for writers of the canons of good taste… A radical way of understanding “do it yourself”, recording with minimal resources, adapting to any situation that comes up, and inventing the most incredible conditions for making music come to life in any corner and any way possible: because they make it art, but a transgressive art, sometimes insulting, disconcerting (Andy Warhol isn’t the name of a song by coincidence), but more importantly, tremendously fun and euphoric.

Definitively, we are beholding a STEREO TOTAL at their poppiest, but at the same time the most guitar-heavy, that side of them that is able to create catchier melodies with two chords than you thought possible, with songs that could be played in pubs, discos or raves, new proof of why STEREO TOTAL are and will continue to be such a unique band, inimitable, with an astonishing personality and an ability to let loose whip-cracks that not even our friend Cristiano Ronaldo is capable of. They themselves have used the perfect words to define themselves, while talking about this latest work: hysterical glamour. No kidding.

Tracklist: 01. Hallo Damenklo 02. Alaska 03. Divines Handtasche 04. Andy Warhol 05. Barbe À Papa 06. No Controles 07. Du Bist Gut Zu Vögeln 08. I Wanna Be A Mama 09. Babyboom Ohne Mich 10. Lady Dandy 11. Illégal 12. Wenn Ich Ein Junge Wär 13. Tour De France 14. Larmes De Mêtal 15. Elles Te Bottent, Mes Bottes? 16. Baby Ouh 17. Radio Song

Release date: 03-05-2010

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