NIZA: Korea and Japan

Since NIZA ceased to exist as a band, Silvia and Roberto took separate ways, but they left behind a legacy of elegant, sophisticated pop songs; not many (two singles, an album and two videoclips), but enough to keep their name at the very first line of the current events in the indiepop scene. Not only because of their successful shows last summer at ExpoAichi in Japan, but also because of the many international releases of their records.
Two new records by NIZA have been released in the Asian territories, which have always been very keen on their music. "Canciones de temporada", the only official full-length album by the couple, has just come out in South Korea through Ales Music (a record label that has already released other labelmates like CAMERA OBSCURA). Ales Music's release is a gorgeous digipack with a full booklet including the lyrics translated into Korean!
On the other hand, Japanese label Rambling Records -which released to great acclaim "Canciones de temporada"- is currently releasing the compilation "Todas las canciones (1998-2005)".
The album shares its beautiful artwork with another compilation previously released by Taiwanese label Avant Garden, but both the tracklist and even the title of the album (the one from Taiwan was called "Archivando mis recuerdos") are different.



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