NIZA songs featured in an American movie

Three songs by Spanish duo NIZA (“Inés”, “Por la tarde” and “Isolée”) have been included in the original soundtrack recording of the movie “Romancing the bride”: a romantic comedy directed by Kris Isaacson (“Down to you”) which also features the music of Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto.
In the movie, actress Laura Prepon (well known for her part in the TV series “That 70's show”) plays a future bride-to-be and present day "bridezilla" who has spent the past two years preparing every detail of her perfect wedding day. The morning before she is to get hitched she wakes up to find that she has married a total stranger, Carlos (Matt Cedeno, “Days of our lives”). With no memory of the night before, the newlyweds embark on a 24-hour adventure to annul her mistake with the hopes of marrying Mr. Right and getting to the church on time.
The movie premieres on December 3rd, 2005 on NY channel Oxygen.



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