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Camera Obscura [The Independent]foto: Archivo Elefant




Camera Obscura [Nightshift]foto: Archivo Elefant



Review [Galicia concerts]

Camera Obscura [Diario de Ferrol]foto: Archivo Elefant



Let?s get out of this country

Let's Get Out Of This Country Camera Obscura Elefant Records - Abeille Musique - 26 avril 2007 POP / ROCK Magistral disque de pop mélancoli…



Tears for affairs

New Music: Camera Obscura: "Super Trouper" [Stream] / "Tears for Affairs" [Video]The song that provided ABBA with their last UK No. 1 makes a fitting B-side to Camera Obscura's latest single. No idea how they chose to cover it, but maybe the lyrics-- where the singer's partner calls from C…




Camera Obscura @ Academy 2By contributor Charles S. BravoStill on the road with their third album Let's Get Out Of This Country Camera Obscura make their Newcastle debut at the Academy 2. Contributor Charles S. Bravo talks to singer Tracyanne Campbell about the band, John Peel and Abba.The Long and …



Camera Obscura + Mirafiori concert

Camera Obscura abrió su gira española anoche en la Sala Sol con un lleno absoluto. Tracyanne salió sonriente y con muchas ganas de bromear (que si uno de los músicos tenía pinta de pertenecer a la mafia rusa, que si ahora saludo a Julio Ruiz, que si ahora canto ‘Cumpleaños Feliz’ a Luis Ca…











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