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"Tears for affairs" review

Camera Obscura [Jamacuco Fanzine]foto: Archivo Elefant



"Let?s get out of this country" review

Camera Obscura [Popingays]foto: Archivo Elefant



Videoclips National Prize [Lemon Pop, Murcia]

Concurso Nacional Videoclips [Lemon Pop, Murcia]foto: Archivo Elefant




 Camera Obscura - From Curiosity To Necessityby Justin Pearsall   Mon:27-Aug-07Glasgow’s Camera Obscura undoubtedly created one of the most heart warming records of 2006. But Let’s Get Out of This Country was not simply successful as a one-off, it confirmed the promise of the band’s two pri…



"Let?s get out of this country" interview

CAMERA OBSCURABY Chris Randle   August 23, 2007 Wry and sly, interested in organs (instruments, vented spleens, broken hearts), purveyors of shimmering guitars and strings with flair, Glasgow's Camera Obscura have been plying their trade in wistful, soulful pop since 1996. Formed by Tracyanne Camp…



Review FIB 2007

¡Qué bello es vivir!En la carpa pequeña, Camera Obscura ofrecen un mayestático recital de cómo gozar de la capacidad innata de emocionar sin hacer el ridículo en el intentoFotografíasCamera Obscura    A veces sucede y es inevitable. Cuando un puñado de canciones llega tan adentro, ver al …



Review [Let?s get out of this country]

On s’en voudrait de paraître exagérément laconique, mais à part préciser que ce disque est un enchantement, avouons-le, on ne déborde pas forcément d’imagination pour trouver les arguments propices à vous inciter à vous arracher cette petite merveille. Ne vous fiez en tout cas pas à un…











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