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"Let´s get out of this country" review

Camera Obscura [The Independent]foto: Archivo Elefant



"If looks could kill" review

Camera Obscura [The Fly]foto: Archivo Elefant



"Let´s get out of this country" interview

12 TODAY • Friday • December 22, 2006We twee kingsAMELYNN LIONGIT CAN be frustrating for bands that are always being likened to others, but comparisons don’t bother Glaswegian twee-pop outfit CameraObscura.Forever linked to fellow Scottish band Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura act…



The best of 2006

Discos favoritos 2006Publicado por General December 19, 2006 en Música, DiscosIncluso quienes prefieren a los Belle & Sebastian de antes tienen que reconocer que, después de 10 años juntos, el grupo ha sabido evolucionar como pocos. Además de reinventar su estilo, han sido capaces de componer cancio…



"Let´s get out of this country" review

SINGAPORE indie label Fruit Records scored a coup by signing a deal to release this jewel of an album by Scottish twee-pop darlings Camera Obscura.One of this year’s best kept secrets, Let’s Get Out Of This Countryis a treasure trove of honeyed melodies.Anchored by Tracyanne Campbell&rsq…



"Let´s get out of this country" review

Camera Obscura [The Daily Telegraph]foto: Archivo Elefant



"Let´s get out of this country" review

Camera Obscura [SalirSalir Urban]foto: Archivo Elefant











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