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Indie Underground [En]: "All I Want From You Is Everything" [Reseña]

   Everyone could use a little more light-hearted swan in their life, and guess what? The School (Cardiff, UK) bring it! Wait, did I say “Swan? I meant Fun! MORE FUN! Either way, The School’s new song “All I Want From You Is Everything” is a nice little lead track from the band’s new …



Sound Blab [En]: All I Want From You Is Everything [Review]

"All I Want From You Is Everything"  The School 8.5  Label: Elefant RecordsRelease date: 2015-04-13Welsh wunderkinds The School are back in session with another poppy fizzfest to make your shoes and your spirits rise (to quote the inimitable Robert Smith). One of the biggest pop ensembles we’…



Indienauta [Es]: MiniFestival [Review]

Crónica del 20º Minifestival de Música Independent de Barcelona (Espai Jove Les Basses, 28-02-2015)Autor: Raül Jiménez |  Ya os lo habíamos dicho en Indienauta. El 2015 venía con una efeméride especial en el recién despedido mes de febrero. El Minifestival de Música Independent de Bar…



Indie Star [Es]: 20º Minifestival de Música Independent de Barcelona (28/2/15)

El festival más independiente de Barcelona alcanza su vigésima edición como referente cultural de lo alternativo. Su consabida habilidad para programar artistas está fuera de dudas y su mejor baza sigue siendo el rescate y la reivindicación de imprescindibles formaciones que son el legado indie…



Pop News [Fr]: The School - When I Fall In Love

 Après "Loveless Unbeliever" (2010) et "Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything" (2012), The School publiera son troisième essai chez Elefant dans le courant de l'année 2015. Ce single, sorti pendant l'été, offre de quoi patienter avant le retour sur long format du groupe indie-…



Sound Blab [En]: When I Fall In Love [Review]

When I Fall In Love/Just Let Me Be The SchoolLabel: Elefant RecordsRelease date: 2014-08-07  WIAIWYA is a three-year old, subscription-based singles label that releases a monthly (April-December) picture-disc 45. (Our favourite Spanish imprint is releasing a download version for those who don’t…



Rockdelux [Es]: Review of "A Christmas Gift For You From Elefant Records" album











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