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Sound Blab [En]: When I Fall In Love [Review]

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When I Fall In Love/Just Let Me Be
The School

Label: Elefant Records
Release date: 2014-08-07



WIAIWYA is a three-year old, subscription-based singles label that releases a monthly (April-December) picture-disc 45. (Our favourite Spanish imprint is releasing a download version for those who don’t subscribe to the series.) This month’s release is by ever-so-fab Welsh octet The School, perhaps one of the largest pop bands around.

The band dance their way into our hearts with the Motown-ish shuffle of lead track, featuring vocalist Liz Hunt’s sweet vocals and bouncy keyboards. Guitarist Andy Regan chimes in with a tasty solo to cherry-top this bright, summery confection. The flip is just as bubbly, proving there is indeed strength in numbers, as they add tasteful violins and Fran Dimech’s ‘Penny Lane’-ish cornet to ice the cake in typically lightweight, fluffy fashion.  

The band’s third album for Elefant is due next year, and these new tracks are mouth- no, ear-watering teasers. And they’re exclusive to this release, so hurry up and grab them in the format of your choice. (WIAIWYA subscription info is available here; the Elefant download ishere.)










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