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Shindig! Happening! [En]: Review about "Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything" album

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Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything

Elefant Vinyl/CD


Welsh popsters return with another dozen sugar-sweet confections. ‘What’s Just Begun’ is ethereal pop at its best – the sound of Brian Wilson ascending to harmony heaven, while ‘Never Thought I’d See the Day’ bubbles along on a swirling organ riff that’ll have dancefloors throbbing in delight. Toss in some Supremes-inspired Motown, Spectorish production (‘Baby Won’t You Stay With Me Tonight’), groovy girl group tales of forlorn love, and sexy confessionals and you have the brightest collection of pure pop this year. Kudos to producer David Wrench for majestically coordinating the octet’s considerable musical talents into a wonderful orchestra of brass, strings, sharp guitar lines, and loverly percussive fx.      


Sure, The School wear their influences on their sleeves, but when they effectively channel the best of Pet Clark, Leslie Gore, St. Etienne, Jackie De, girl group comps, Camera Obscura, into such a frolicking half hour of fun-filled delights, we’re not gonna complain. Jeff Penczak










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