MARINITA PRECARIA "El Mundo No Es Para Tanto" Single Digital

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A few weeks ago, we gave you “Final Explicado”, the first song introducing us to MARINITA PRECARIA’s debut album. We are still following the trail that Marina is building with her songs, leading us to that anticipated moment, and we have gotten to “El Mundo No Es Para Tanto”. A song where, amidst tropical echoes, the songwriter lets her most colorful pop spirit loose. And once again, it seems that with so few and such intimate resources, she talks about such grand and immense things: “El mundo no es para tanto / Y esta calle está bien / Ya has visto las Pirámides / Qué más quieres ver” (The world isn’t all that / And this street is just fine / You’ve already seen the Pyramids / What more do you want to see). The production work of Sergio Pérez(LOS PUNSETES, Soleá Morente, Joe Crepúsculo, MUJERES, LA BIEN QUERIDA, CABIRIA and many more) stands out again, giving the sound a solidness and certain complexity that pushes the song to be even more emotionally intense. And the beautiful, cloudy cover photo is by Neelam Khan Vela. We are still building the path, and we feel like Marina is leading the way and holding our hand, and that makes us feel SO good.





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