MARINITA PRECARIA "Final Explicado" Single and Video

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There has been a lot of commotion over MARINITA PRECARIA’s first Mini-LP. Her lyrics - simple, sensitive and profoundly inspired - together with that extremely sophisticated and emotional pop, makes us think this is the arrival of another phenomenon like LE MANS, LA BUENA VIDA, NIZA or FAMILY. But we are getting there, and “Final Explicado” is the beginning of a very important event - her debut album. This time, her new songs are co-produced with Sergio Pérez (who has worked with LA BIEN QUERIDA, Joe Crepúsculo, LOS PUNSETES, Soleá Morente, MUJERES, CABIRIA and so many more) and here this work can be felt and heard on a song that evokes sweet synth-pop, with a touch of that elegance that the best Italo Disco has, and that hint of melancholy; a marvelous dress for Marina Gómez' songs. “Final Explicado” is the story of an end foretold, the sadness when you see that everything is falling apart, but here with a touch of bitterness.


This is also represented in the music video directed by Rafael Martínez Calle, who directed the short film “Crudo”, that was screened in over 14 countries, received multiple international awards and in the Málaga Film Festival won "Best Director". His second short film, “Velar”, was released at the Film Festival in Sevilla and will be screened in other festivals soon.


In the music video, we can see our protagonist slowly and coldly packing up an office, as if nothing were happening, as if it were part of a regular routine. But the end is the most terrifying emptiness. Sometimes the best stories are the ones that don't have a clear ending. Luckily, MARINITA PRECARIA's end is very far off, and her path is paved in thousands of incredible songs that are waiting for us to get to them.








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