MARINITA PRECARIA “Momento Decisivo" Single Digital

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The time is getting nearer, after that 10” vinyl called “No Me Miréis”, for the first full length from MARINITA PRECARIA. We have already advanced “Final Explicado” and “El Mundo No Es Para Tanto”, and now it’s time for “Momento Decisivo”, where she once again gives us a marvelous exercise in vital costumbrism to express that moment of longing, the expectations, the yearning. The ease with which Marina Gómez paints these stories comes from an identity based on a way of seeing the world that is full of love and sensitivity. We can also appreciate Sergio Pérez’s production work in the music, who has worked with LA BIEN QUERIDA, Joe Crepúsculo, LOS PUNSETES, Soleá Morente, MUJERES, CABIRIA and so many more), which gives MARINITA PRECARIA’s music a special strength, elevating the emotional intensity of something that is already created to make you shudder with excitement. It’s everything a “Momento Decisivo” needs. And that moment is about to arrive.





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