LA CASA AZUL "Prometo No Olvidar" Single

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We are running out of adjectives for Guille Milkyway and his capacity to build a beyond perfect repertoire of songs beat by beat, knowing how to assimilate new trends without ever betraying his own spirit that flies somewhere between hyper-melodic pop and the most euphoric dance music. But his latest single, “Prometo No Olvidar” is another example of his unfailing aim, like a 100.000-piece puzzle full of small details that makes something difficult seem easy. A perfect chorus, explosions of energy (like that cover illustration), DAFT PUNK, Cerrone and THE WEEKND, endless nights, vocoders and autotune. And that feeling that to live in his music is to live in an infinite paradise, which he has been building brick by brick, helping us forget about the world as it is and believe that there are better places out there. And anyone who has been to that paradise (in their house, on the dance floor, or in one of his marvelous concerts) can never forget it. And we still have that yearning, anxiously awaiting that new album that promises to be a new landmark in Spanish pop music. The timeless LA CASA AZUL.





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