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LA CASA AZUL: La Fiesta Universal VIDEO complete and improved "Full Version" [2013]      





Sony Music released the OST of Jelly Jamm TV show. All songs included in this album are composed and performed by Guille Milkyway [LA CASA AZUL].









Elefant Records, in its constant search for new ideas and projects, is beginning a new collection of limited-edition Singles called “Reworked By Series”. The main idea is that groups on the Elefant label appropriate, play with, and remix each others’ songs. It’s an explosive mix that can create (and has, in fact, already created) really exciting cocktails. Guille Milkyway does his thing, making a few new Eurodisco hits from “Future Bound” and “War Years”, two songs from the Scottish band 







LA CASA AZUL: New song available for FREE DOWNLOAD. Digital Single   This is the beginning of a new adventure, which will be just as exciting as the previous ones, all of which we, the fans of LA CASA AZUL, have experienced.   Podría Ser Peor” is the essence of LA CASA AZUL, that liquefier of styles and sounds that mixes to perfection all the ingredients that these Pop songs need to have in order to become instant, eternal hits. The luminous melodies, the love that is once again the main attraction with its joy for unhappiness and the pain of failure, songs to be played on starry summer nights, brushes of house music, disco arrangements, the emotive stops, the vocoders, all the strength of europop... This is all the definitive magic of Guille’s songs - a magic that goes straight to our hearts and moves us to extreme happiness despite the fact that we are singing at the top of our lungs about the wearing down of love and the deterioration of a relationship.






Release “El Momento”, a new Digital Single. What better way to start off this new year than with a new LA CASA AZUL song? “La Gran Esfera” is taking shape, the puzzle is coming together piece by piece and soon we will be able to enjoy it as a whole. “El Momento” is the second advance single from LA CASA AZUL’s highly anticipated new album after the huge success of “Podría Ser Peor”, and it is a masterpiece – proof of Guille Milkyway’s endless talent and his ease for turning bitter lyrics into an immense ray of light and joy that pierces our heart and freezes it on the spot. This song sounds more contemporary than any of the group’s other songs, reinventing “synth-wave” and bringing it closer to “future disco”. It stirs Kavinsky’s spell and embellishes the disco melancholy of Luke Million and Fred Falke into a mix between the unease of the traditional and a futuristic fantasy. The vocals shine like never before and all the small vocal arrangements that accompany us through the song are so magical and suggestive that it’s like a light, fine summer rain where it seems like you’re not getting wet but in the end it soaks you to the bone, filling your body with freshness and life. This is LA CASA AZUL’s doctrine; this is the sound of 2018 – DAFT PUNK making futuristic Italo Disco; this is the true strength of the system, that feeling of a lost summer where you could have stayed forever, the announcement of the arrival of “La Gran Esfera”… Welcome to the light.





"A T A R A X I A" Digital Single and Video-clip [Directed by Juanma Carrillo], the third advance Single of "La Gran Esfera". Ataraxia (from ancient Greek ἀταραξία). F. phil.: State of mind characterized by tranquility, serenity and freedom from emotional disturbance with respect to the soul, logic and feelings. The human being, through reducing the intensity of passions and desires that can alter their mental and physical balance and strength in the face of adversity, reaches a balance and, ultimately, happiness.




LA CASA AZUL: “Nunca Nadie Pudo Volar” Single Digital    


“Nunca Nadie Pudo Volar” is a song about vital anxiety, about human stubbornness challenging scientific laws and even about our own stupidity. To this end, he uses the story of Franz Reichelt, an Austrian tailor who, in his obsession with overcoming the laws of gravity, jumped off of the Eiffel tower dressed in an impossible flying suit that he designed himself based on the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci, to ultimately fall to his instant death, in a sadly famous moment that was filmed on February 4, 1912.    


But this raw and heartbreaking story clashes with the dreamy spirit of the music, somewhere between Italian disco and dream, between Moroder and Rozalla, between style and hit, between the merciless four-four time signature and the unforgettable melody. Yes, Guille once again turns on the stylistic mixer and plays with that stylistically slippery effect again, making music that excites you and lifts you up, while the lyrics take you closer to hell or set you free. Nuances, readings, a whole universe to delve into, on a song that is like a classic LA CASA AZUL sound but full of small arrangements, details, touches and stops that take it to the sound of the future.









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