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Release "Brujería", this is an album where mid and slow tempos abound, songs that turn into instant classics like only Ana knows how to do.     


The sonic design is careful and precise with the production work of Carlos René (AXOLOTES MEXICANOS), a sonic universe that reminds us of the different artists of recent eras: NEW ORDER and THE CURE, but also LANA DEL REY, M83, BEACH HOUSE and CIGARRETTES AFTER SEX. DEPECHE MODE and KRAFTWERK. Synthesizers and strings to transmit the mystery and the magic.    


The cover art, based on a photo taken by Pablo Zamora, is inspired by the legendary cover of “Midnight Creeper” by the American saxophonist Lou Donaldson (Blue Note, 1968). It is an album with close ties to witchcraft and magic; each song is related to a spell. Everything is designed by Mario Rivière.      


And yes, there are new stellar collaborations. Juan Pedrayes (CAROLINA DURANTE, AXOLOTES MEXICANOS) on drums; guitars by Mario del Valle (CAROLINA DURANTE, AXOLOTES MEXICANOS), and Lucas Vidaur (AXOLOTES MEXICANOS, CONFETI DE ODIO); Lucía Palacio is on cello and Esther Muñoz is on violins. And of course, David Rodríguez (LA ESTRELLA DE DAVID) sings on “Déjame Entrar” and plays the guitar on “Déjame Entrar”, “Me Envenenas” and “¿Qué?”; J (LOS PLANETAS) sings on “Domingo Escarlata” and “La Fuerza”, andDiego Ibáñez (CAROLINA DURANTE) also sings on “¿Qué?”.  








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