Release "Brujería", this is an album where mid and slow tempos abound, songs that turn into instant classics like only Ana knows how to do.     

A sonic universe that reminds us of the different artists of recent eras: NEW ORDER and THE CURE, but also LANA DEL REY, M83, BEACH HOUSE and CIGARRETTES AFTER SEX. DEPECHE MODE and KRAFTWERK. Synthesizers and strings to transmit the mystery and the magic.    


The cover art, based on a photo taken by Pablo Zamora, is inspired by the legendary cover of “Midnight Creeper” by the American saxophonist Lou Donaldson (Blue Note, 1968). It is an album with close ties to witchcraft and magic; each song is related to a spell. Everything is designed by Mario Rivière.      




LA BIEN QUERIDA "Llorando Por Ti" Single Digital

Abril Zamora asked Ana to make this very special cover (in the purest LA BIEN QUERIDA style), for one of the episodes of her new show, and Ana took that anthem that came from Minerva, (yes, that “Llorando Por Ti”), under the influence of Spain’s greatest clubbing movement – Ruta del Bakalao – and brought it into the range of the downtempo, of lyricism and the deepest sadness.




LA BIEN QUERIDA “Río De Enero” Digital Single

A song of her own that will play at the end of the episodes of “Express”, the first Spanish show on the Starzplay platform. Starring Maggie Civantos and created by Iván Escobar (“Vis A Vis”), “Express” has an explosive plot line about express kidnapping.



LA BIEN QUERIDA "Resistiré" Single Digital [6-4-2022]


Ana Fernández-Villaverde continues to grow her repertoire beyond her albums, and like any good inquisitive mind, there is always some ulterior motive, there is no work of inspiration (be it her own initiative or required) that does not surpass all expectations. And now it’s the DÚO DINÁMICO’s turn, and that Netflix show “Élite” that has blown up the viewing charts. In the fifth season, which is coming out now, there is an episode full of little references and homages to the inimitable Spanish film maker Pedro Almodóvar. And at one point, the protagonists are watching “Átame”, a movie which ends with “Resistiré” by Manuel and Ramón. The original version melts into LA BIEN QUERIDA’s revisiting, which weaves the downtempo with flamenco, creating a mantra of mystery and introspection, of roots and contained outbursts.











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