has surrounded herself with friends to create “Fiesta” and give the final brushstrokes to an album that is going to be timeless. Pablo Zamora was in charge of the photography; Eric Coll and Sergio Ibañez, who founded Setenta, their own design studio in 2007, designed the album cover; Luis Cerveró, one of the most important and innovative audiovisual producers, made the video for “Hoy”, the album’s first video; and David Rodríguez (BEEF, LA ESTRELLA DE DAVID) was once again in charge of the impeccable album production and arrangements, proving his special, eclectic and unique talent for blowing up Ana’s extraordinary compositions.

On June single “Queridos Tamarindos” is released (limited-edition red-vinyl single ). That has one of the most outstanding and attention-getting songs of the album as its star, “Queridos Tamarindos”. The song is one of those on which Ana, now in the midst of tropical rhythms, once again shows us that almost no one beats her when it comes to speaking clearly and beautifully about matters of the heart. This song is accompanied by two previously unreleased oddities. The first is “No Es Terrestre”, dressed up by David Rodríguez (once again the producer for her new songs) with evanescent synthesizers and guitars rescued from the eighties. The other song, “Diferente”, is a small perversion of those summer songs, as the chorus lets us know: “en vacaciones todo es diferente” (on vacation, everything is different). And to top off this already marvellous gift to her fans, the album cover is a collage made by Ana herself, which hides an homage to the cover of THE CURE’s “Boys Don’t Cry”, one of her favourite groups.



“Noviembre, sopla revuelto” (November, trouble is brewing)… This is how Ana’s voice started off “Fiesta”, LA BIEN QUERIDA’s second album, and this is precisely the month in which her eagerly awaited third album will be released. That song was also the one that, without meaning to, led to the first steps towards LA BIEN QUERIDA’s new musical universe. With the new album, “Ceremonia”, we can shout it out to everyone in the world that we have one of the most personal projects of the country here, an ever-shifting project that evolves from album to album and that keeps its roots in those incredible lyrics and those contagious melodies. The new album has songs that expand and grow in search of darker, more electronic sounds, winding up on some occasions in an authentic symphony of infinite noise that is cold and penetrating.


“Ceremonia” is an album that crosses NEW ORDER and KRAFTWERK, MY BLOODY VALENTINE and LOVE AND ROCKETS, kraut-rock and post-punk, love and revenge, beauty and pain. On November 5th, we will finally be able to discover all of the ingredients that comprise this great, opaque and blurry ceremony that Ana and David have been cooking slowly over a low flame like witches from the middle ages. The appetizer for this great banquet arrives on October 1st in the shape of a digital single with the song “Arenas Movidizas”. 




 LA BIEN QUERIDA: New album in November



The first video from "Ceremonia" pays homage to the classic mystery and horror films. Ana, David, and Frank (the new live line-up for LA BIEN QUERIDA) find themselves wrapped up in a mysterious situation where the forces of evil and demonic things give birth to a strange being. Directed by Iker Insausti and Jeffrey Frígula.



LA BIEN QUERIDA: "Ceremonia" Tour



LA BIEN QUERIDA: "Arenas Movedizas" Video-Clip



LA BIEN QUERIDA: Vídeo-Clip "A Veces Ni Eso"    




LA BIEN QUERIDA: Vídeo-Clip “Aurora”



LA CASA AZUL and LA BIEN QUERIDA: Winners at the 5th Edition of the Independent Music Awards



LA BIEN QUERIDA: Vídeo Clip "Luna Nueva"









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