Release of La Bien Querida's "Romancero" on vinyl. This is an opportunity to enjoy it all on vinyl for the first time. A limited edition of 500 copies, which are part of our continued 25th anniversary celebration. But more than that, it is an homage to an album that changed the concept of pop in our country 




Release three 12" Maxi-Singles, "Premeditación" [October 6th], "Nocturnidad" [January 6th] and "Alevosía" [March 6th]. The three album covers will make up one painting by Ana Fernández-Villaverde herself, a painting which will be completed with the cover of the CD, and which will give us an impossible image inspired by the work of M.C. Escher. The CD will be released together with the Maxi-Single, it will contain all of the songs and will complete the new album,  “Premeditación, Nocturnidad y Alevosía". 






Release "Nocturnidad" 2/3, the second Maxi-Single of the "Premeditación, Nocturnidad y Alevosía" trilogy. The capacity of Ana’s songs to excite and to transmit the truth, as is their trademark, is still there, this time bathed in ringing, cold sounds. The name of this second Maxi-Single already promises darkness and mystery, and the contents offer it in abundance. 






Release “Alevosía” [3/3], the third album to complete the trilogy. This is the last piece of the puzzle, the definitive clue for the unsolvable mystery, and it reveals itself to be the most open, sincere, direct, and emotional of all 






Release “Premeditación, Nocturnidad y Alevosía”, CD which includes the 3 maxis of the trilogy and also reveals a cover that is the last piece to complete the fresco created to adorn these releases, and that shows us one of those geometric pieces of impossible perspectives. The final trick, the last move, the cherry on top of the indescribably-flavored sundae 









LA BIEN QUERIDA: Release a DVD that includes the three parts of the movie together, videos, making of, and a CD of remixes. “Premeditación, Nocturnidad y Alevosía” (DVD + CD). The circle is closing. That triple EP promised great things. The reviews, the listeners’ reactions, and the positions on both Spanish and American music lists (Rockdelux, where it appeared in various categories, including listeners’ choice, song, video… ABC, Astredu Pop, Mindies, Notodo, Diario Crítica, América Económica, etc) all indicated such. The album was marked by three sixes – October 6th, 2014, January 6th, 2015, and March 6th, 2015, the release dates of each of the EPs – and by a series of audiovisuals directed by Juanma Carrillo which contained a very special mystery. The perfect plot, we even called it. And here is the squaring of the circle: “Premeditación, Nocturnidad Y Alevosía” on DVD, with the three parts of the movie together, various videoclips, a making of, and a CD of remixes. Let’s take this step by step 






LA BIEN QUERIDA: Release an advance Digital Single and Video for “7 Días Juntos / Dinamita” for their upcoming album, “Fuego”. “7 Días Juntos” tells the story of a brief, burning love that is star-crossed and pleasant, between cumbia and dub, to the beat of the synthesizer and the neon lights of a Chinese restaurant (like those that appear in Juanma Carrillo’s video, who, just as on the previous album, knew how to enrich LA BIEN QUERIDA’s songs with images, creating videos that have their own identity). Echoes of STROMAE and Hot Latin Dub, with a superb ending: Joan Miquel Oliver singing the translated verses of his song “Dins Un Avió De Paper”, which feels like it was made just for this. Call it magic. Or genius. But it is the direct result of a spot-on production thanks to the crazy ideas running around David’s head. “Dinamita” offers another side of a multi-sided coin. Melancholy, elegance, something of the crooner spirit of Scott Walker and Dusty Springfield, sobriety and lyricism thanks to Jordi Montero’s strings and Laura Antolín’s (DOBLE PLETINA) bass    




 “El Lado Bueno” Digital Single for their upcoming album, “Fuego”. “El Lado Bueno” opens the final side of the album, raising the pop spirit to the highest levels again, but with a surprising break from a synthesizer that reminds us of STROMAE, and arrangements that would delight Peter Hook. Another fascinating, euphoric, slippery, stroke of genius.       




“Recompensarte”, third advance Digital Single and Video for their new album “Fuego”. “Recompensarte” is one of the biggest surprises on the album. It is totally different from the other songs from “Fuego” that we have already introduced. We are talking about a precious rumba presented as a duet between Ana and J from LOS PLANETAS, with clapping and fanning the flames from Muchachito. And the magic that seeps out of each listen is made evident in the fascinating video recorded for the occasion, which includes the presence of all the stars, and which once again includes a specific, exotic, beautiful concept of mestizaje.       




LA BIEN QUERIDA: Release “Fuego”, their fifth album. It was difficult to think about this album after the masterpiece that was “Premeditación, Nocturnidad Y Alevosía”. But the creative universe of LA BIEN QUERIDA is immense and is used to having to outdo itself, handling a wide range of references and enjoying the process of erasing musical and lyrical limits. And “Fuego” is a kind of self-reconfiguration, a rediscovery, because musically there is a bit of everything we already know, but transgressed: the purity and insolence of “Romancero”, the Latin and tropical fusion of “Fiesta”, the electronic force of “Ceremonia” and the mournful darkness of “Premeditación, Nocturnidad Y Alevosía”. This is all represented on the incredible album cover photo by Pablo Zamora,with the artistic direction of Pepe Leal and most of all an idea from Ana herself based on the “Things Organized Neatly” movement. The photo shows her surrounded by instruments, pencils, paintbrushes, albums, and everything that has led to the creation of her own universe.









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