VIAJE A LOS SUEÑOS POLARES [Radio Show]: Run by Luis Calvo [Elefant Records] Listen to it! A radio program specialized in independent music!

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A bi-monthly program

At Nanosónico Radio


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Polar Communication


In 1993, a handful of scientists from the “Independent Corporation” were able to clone the two most radical members of this enigmatic collective.  Joako and Luis were created to accomplish a very special mission – to spread the word about independent music as an alternative to the increasingly well-positioned commercial products run by the “Multinational Forces”. With the help of some other clones, they were sent beyond the universe to the Polar Station, in a kind of time-leap into the future, so that they could, using the Alfa satellite, begin a series of secret broadcasts aimed at the earth and other planets outside of the earth’s solar system on the program “Viaje A Los Sueños Polares” (Journey to Polar Dreams). The program was created to offer musical alternatives to earthlings who were interested in such things and who were unhappy with the growing commercial music. The Polar Station was playing its part, and for more than 10 years it developed an important fan-base on earth and other planets that helped spread the ideals of the “Independent Corporation”; they were known as “The Polar Travelers”, beings who developed innovative qualities focused on personal satisfaction and planning processes. 

In 2005, the Multinational Forces intercepted the signal and discovered the “Polar Station’s” secret location. They launched a surprise attack that destroyed all broadcast systems and sunk all the personnel and the Polar Station into a destructive hibernation, using an unknown virus created by the resistance that erased all the files and data, and at the same time destroyed the clones and any positioning signal little by little. The “Multinational Forces” tricked the population, saying it was a violent and dangerous terrorist base.

A few months ago, a division of the “Independent Corporation” located the “Polar Station” in another planetary system during a routine tracking mission. The “Independent Corporation” immediately sent out a rescue commando to the space station to deprogram the virus, stop the hibernation process, save the Clones, reinitiate the Polar Station, and reactivate the mission that began in 1994. Unfortunately, the majority of the Clones were completely destroyed and only a few could be saved; Joako is completely destroyed, deprogrammed and unusable. But Luis’ Clone (also known as DJ Polar) is responding satisfactorily to the dehibernation process.

We will soon begin a new broadcast; the journey continues. This is a message from the “Independent Corporation” for “The Polar Travelers” in all solar systems: We will soon begin to broadcast; spread the word; we will send the necessary instructions to receive the signal soon. We will use social networks to communicate. The web is now our automated transfer vehicle.



About “Viaje A Los Sueños Polares”

Viaje A Los Sueños Polares is a radio program specialized in independent music that began in 1993 on the radio station Cadena 100, and which slowly won fans all over Spain. Two years later it began to be broadcast on the radio station Los 40 Principales from midnight to 1 a.m., Monday through Thursday. For the more than eleven years the program lasted on the air the audience results were sensational and the show had a huge impact in the spread of music and independent culture in this country.

The contents of VSP were many and varied. In addition to the regular programming with record label releases, the latest music, and thematic shows, so many different artists went on the show and played one-of-a-kind acoustic sessions (Polar Sessions) – some of the best international pop groups like THE MAGNETIC FIELDS, OASIS, TEENAGE FANCLUB, OCEAN COLOUR SCENE, STEREOLAB, THE PASTELS, EDWYN COLLINS, SEBADOH, THE POSIES, BUFFALO TOM, CALVIN JOHNSON, LUNA, THE DIVINE COMEDY, SUPER FURRY ANIMALS... Many of the most famous artists from the Spanish independent scene at the time were also there, like LE MANS, MANTA RAY, LA BUENA VIDA, ASTRUD and MERCROMINA.  And even more guests came on the show to chat with us and offer us a selection of their favorite songs - not just musicians but also other artists and listeners. The show broadcast so many concerts recorded in different festivals from all over the world, special DJ sessions, and even our much admired radio host from the BBC, John Peel, played an exclusive DJ session for the show’s listeners. The Polar parties at awards ceremonies for the years’ best were super fun, free events for the show’s followers. Madrid and Barcelona hosted the Polar parties for several years, in legendary clubs like La Riviera, Aqualung, and Razzmatazz, and the parties were rebroadcast live in their entirety. ST ETIENNE, LOS PLANETAS, TEENAGE FANCLUB, LA CASA AZUL, ALPHA, BIS, LA BUENA VIDA, URUSEI YATSURA, AUTOMATICS, LOS FRESONES REBELDES, PARADE, THE HIGH LLAMAS, NOSOTRÄSH, AHS, and PHEONIX were just some of the many groups that came to the Polar parties to accept their awards and play unforgettable shows. Viaje A Los Sueños Polares was also present in Spain’s most important festivals like Benicàssim, Fib, Contempopranea, Sonar, Primavera Sound… as collaborators, with its own stages and spaces or with live broadcasts. Viaje A Los Sueños Polares also had its own television program for several years, where they played videos, interviews, and live performances.

In this new stage of Viaje A Los Sueños Polares on Radio Gladys Palmera will be hosted and run by Luis Calvo and it will continue with its original aim – to give listeners the widest, most eclectic view of contemporary music possible and above all the show them what’s going on in the fascinating and every-changing world of independent pop music. We’re taking off in October with two shows per month.


About Luis Calvo

Luis Calvo is the founder and director of the record label Elefant Records, one of the most respected and renowned independent pop labels both nationally and internationally, that has put out albums from artists like LA CASA AZUL, CAMERA OBSCURA, THE PRIMITIVES, LA BIEN QUERIDA, COOPER, THE SCHOOL, TREMBLING BLUE STARS, LE MANS, and PAPA TOPO, to name just a few. He was the founder and co-director of the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, which he helped grow and develop into a must-see event on the international calendar. He founded and directed the music magazine Spiral, and was a producer and resident DJ during the 90s in Sala Maravillas, the legendary Madrid club where artists like STEREOLAB, THE PASTELS, HEAVENLY, FRANK AND WALTERS, and Damon and Naomi played their first concerts in Spain.  And for more than eleven years he directed and presented the radio show “Viaje A Los Sueños Polares”.

Luis Elefant (DJ Polar) has been a special guest at festivals like Sónar, Primavera Sound, Contempopranea, Lemon Pop, Monegros Desert Festival, Benicàssim, and Indietracks. He is a regular presence in the most important indie clubs in this country. He is also a regular at the parties for the radio show “Flor de Passion” (Radio 3), and has DJ’d practically everywhere in Spain. He has also DJ’d in Paris, London, Mexico, Rome, Berlin, Tokyo…


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