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Elefant Records' favourite songs

On our Elefant Records profile on Spotify we’re going to make lists with some of our favorite songs. It will include both Elefant songs and songs by other artists and labels that we like and that have accompanied us throughout the years; songs that have been like a sound track to our daily work in the Elefant offices. Each list will include 40 songs that inspire our days and that we want to share with you so you can enjoy our groups and the spirit of our label in a new way. We’ll have surprises and special guests to help us enhance this collection of pachydermic playlists.

On our Spotify page, you can sign up for different kinds of lists: There are changing lists that are updated with new things from the Elefant label, where you can find out about all the new albums we’re putting out. There’s a New Adventures in Pop list where you can discover and listen to all the new groups that have released (or are going to release) their songs on our collection. There are set lists like the one from 2012 where you can listen to all the releases on our label from 2012 - and in the order they were released…! There are a lot of tasty playlists waiting for you there, to sweeten up your days or your nights. 



Elefant Records' favourite songs 1



Elefant Records' favourite songs 2




Elefant Records' favourite songs 3 




Elefant Records' favourite songs 4 



Remember, you can find our Spotify profile at this link:




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