CHAVALES "No, No Y No" Single Digital

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After “¿Por Qué A Mí?” and “La Conversación”, CHAVALES are giving us a new song in advance of their imminent new album. And once again, they go straight for the hit, with no second thoughts. “No, No Y No” is a new example of synthesized punk-pop, of immediately catchy choruses with eighties echoes, of lyrics full of spite and character. The song builds slowly, introducing elements until it takes off toward the final culmination. The cover art and video that go with the advance are the work of Neelam Khan Vela, a photographer from Barcelona, who has been behind portraits of people like Alex Turner, Mac De Marco, THE PARROTS, and who has toured with people like Amaia, HINDS and THE ORIELLES. Born in Ronda, she grew up musically in Barcelona, but when she was 17 years old, she moved to London where she studied photojournalism. Not long after that, in Glasgow, and now in Berlin, she has broadened her horizons toward the video, collaborating with groups like EL ÚLTIMO VECINO. In this case, she shows us Dani and Javi performing with a clear seventies style, reminding us of bands like the BEE GEES or musicians like Elton John. We are counting the days until 2022, when CHAVALES’ upcoming full-length is finally here.








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