CHAVALES "Ya Na Va Se Como Ante" Single Digital

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There are circumstances in life that are curiously random, magical, and sadly inexplicable. Like the new we bring you today. We are releasing a single from CHAVALES, of a song that was the first one they released, as part of the Jeanne d'Arc Christmas compilation “Villancicos, Vol. 2” in 2019. And it will also be the group’s last, since we are taking advantage of their upcoming appearance on the movie soundtrack and the Christmas season to close this stage. “Ya Na Va Se Como Ante” is the beginning and the end of Daniel and Javier’s project. With cover art, of course, by Neelam Khan Vela. This song shows their solid work with the synthesizers and surprises with the vocal quality, some trap arrangements and autotune. Although nothing will ever be the same again, we still have their songs, their concerts, and so many good memories. Merry Christmas!

TRACKLIST: 01 Ya Na Va Se Como Ante




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