CHAVALES: "La Conversación" Digital Single

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Dani and Javi continue their frenetic activity. After releasing that magnificent 10” Mini-LP and several Digital Singles in less than a year, they are back with a new digital release: “La Conversación”. The song that gives us a sneak peak at the paths their new compositions will take, on the way to their second album. Guitars take on greater protagonism, along with atmospheric synthesizers that mark the melodies that are as addictive as ever, and those trademark lyrics about everyday relationships and related frustrations and collateral damages. “La Conversación” talks about seeing someone with whom you used to share your life with at some point in time, but who is no longer a part of it: nerves, insecurities, but above all, certainty. What happened then won’t happen again. Just over two minutes. Straight to the heart :(


To go with the release, we have a dark, disturbing lyric video full of eighties-style textures and fonts. It was directed by Iván Alarcón (who co-directed the video for EVRIPIDIS AND HIS TRAGEDIES’ “Melancholia”), who in addition to directing is a regular in charge of wardrobe and costume design, be it for indie groups like EL BUEN HIJO, TRONCO, NOVEDADES CARMINHA or for CHAVALES themselves, as well as for mainstream artists like Dua Lipa, C. TANGANA and Rosalía. This is a new step in a trajectory that doesn’t stop taking our breath away. Something that we love to feel right in the middle of the dancefloor.


TRACKLIST: 01 La Conversación




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