CHAVALES "Ernesto" Single Digital

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TRACKLIST: 01 Ernesto


CHAVALES are unstoppable. Almost monthly singles, authentic proof of the best synth-pop made here. Songs that are advances of their anticipated debut Mini-LP, which will be out in September on a precious 10” color vinyl. This time, “Ernesto” is a song full of extremely fun cynicism, with impossible rhymes, telling us the story of a constructor with very few scruples. And when we play the song, we can hear LA MODE, SINDICATO MALONE and SÉPTIMO SELLO, but also HIDROGENESSE, CABIRIA and PAPA TOPO, and our ankles start to move and we get an uncontrollable urge to start dancing. What’s more, this Digital Single comes with a video directed by Silvia Coca (Soleá Morente, AUTO SACRAMENTAL, Joe Crepúsculo, AARON RUX…) which somehow recreates the dreamlike universe of the story of our protagonist, Ernesto, in a carefree, fun way, very in line with the song. The mixing and production are handled, once again, by Martín Spangle and Lia Marín is back to do the cover, with a fantastic illustration by Daniel and Javier.

We insist. Unstoppable. Inspired. So. Much. Fun. We want them to keep their date with us. Like a daily dose of vitamins that we need to help us face each day.





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