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Throw The Dice And Play Nice [En]: Make memories during “Summer Days” with Alpaca Sports’ new music video

Every year when the calendar closes in on the precious months of summer, music platforms everywhere start the race to decide what will become the quintessential song(s) of the season. A band based in Sweden flooding the U.S. airwaves might not be a proposition commonly considered but the thought of …



Destroy//Exist [En]: "Summer Days"

ALPACA SPORTS: SUMMER DAYSWhere Swedish indie pop meets with British influences that are equal parts twee and sixties pop, Alpaca Sports are one of the best choices to go with.The band formed in late 2011 by Andreas Jonsson, shuffled its lineup a few times, and the last time they were active with a…



Going Solo [En]: "Summer Days" [Review]

Alpaca Sports – Summer Daysby Luca PasiIt seems like only yesterday when, charmed only by the funny name, I listened for the first time to a song by Alpaca Sports. Actually it’s been seven years since I hit the play button on Just for Fun and many things have happened since that day. By no…



Loff It [Es]: Video-Clip “Where´d You Go?” [Crítica]

Parece que fue ayer pero ya ha pasado todo un laaaaargo año desde que el exquisito sello español Elefant Records publicase el fantástico Mini LP“When You Need Me The Most” del dúo sueco Alpaca Sports. Tal y como en su día contamos en, al tiempo que incluíamos el videoclip de un…



El Perfil De La Tostada [Es]: Crónica Fiesta Elefant 9 de Abril en Madrid

el_abyecto           NOCHE POP CON ELEFANT CLUB La Sala Siroco se volvió a llenar de Pop, en otra de las fiestas organizadas por Elefant RecordUna nueva fiesta Elefant Club, y ya van 23, nos traía el pasado sábado tres de las últimas incorporaciones al sello. Una noche cargada de Pop en …



Magic [Fr]: "When You Need Me The Most" Mini Album [Review]



Indie Nauta [Es]: “When You Need Me the Most” [Review]

Alpaca Sports, “When You Need Me the Most” (Elefant, 2015)Parece mentira, pero ya han pasado casi cuatro años, desde el invierno de 2011 –con esa joya que nos hizo descubrirlos llamada Just for Fun–, que el indiepop de la banda que lidera el simpático geniecillo sueco Andreas Jonsson s…











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