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Dagger Zine [En]: Alpaca Sports, "From Paris with Love" [Review]

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We All Want Someone To Shout For [En]: Alpaca Sports "Feel Like Going Home"

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Destroy // Exist [En]: Alpaca Sports: Feel Like Going Home

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All Music [En]: "From Paris With Love" [Review]

On their 2016 EP, When You Need Me the Most, Alpaca Sports hit on a winning formula. The Swedish duo of Andreas Jonsson and Amanda Åkerman had previously made sweet-and-sunny indie pop that was nice but lacked the kind of spark that made their records vital. On the EP, they farmed out some o…



TV Spielfilm [Ger]: "From Paris With Love" Review



Triste Sunset [It]: Alpaca Sports "From Paris with Love" [Review]

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Going Solo [En]: "Summer Days" [Review]

Alpaca Sports – Summer Daysby Luca PasiIt seems like only yesterday when, charmed only by the funny name, I listened for the first time to a song by Alpaca Sports. Actually it’s been seven years since I hit the play button on Just for Fun and many things have happened since that day. By no…











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