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• In this section you will find a huge variety of records. Many of them were released by Elefant Records but there are many of other record companies too.

• All records work and sound properly. 

• Most of them there is only one copy.

• It is possible to make orders doing a mix of Second Hand records and completely new Elefant or Distribution releases from the Physical Shop. To do this you only have to specify what records you would like to purchase from Second Hand section and which ones from the conventional Elefant Store. You will receive all together.

If you have any questions, you are interested in purchasing any of the records from the following list or you would like to make a combo of Second Hand and not used records from conventional physical store you can write to . We will reply as soon as possible.


The Elefant Records second hand discs are returns from distributors or shops. Most of them are quite perfect.


LP 12” / MINI-LP 10" / Single 7"


ER-1019LP PHANTOM DOG "Only Pals" LP    6 Euros
ER-1175LP THE CARROTS "New Romance" LP    6 Euros
ER-1180LP HELEN LOVE "Day-Glo Dreams" LP     12 Euros
ER-1203LP IKO CHERIE "Dreaming On" LP    9 Euros
ER-1207LP MODULAR "Fuga Al Paraíso" LP     12 Euros
ER-1220LP BMX BANDITS "BMX Bandits Forever" LP    20 Euros
ER-1231LP COOPER "Tiempo, Temperatura, Agitación" LP     12 Euros
ER-1232LP ALPACA SPORTS "From Paris With love" LP    20 Euros
ER-1238LP LE SUPERHOMARD "Meadow Lane Park" LP    12 Euros
ER-1248LP DIE KATAPULT "DKXD" LP     12 Euros
ER-1249LP NOS MIRAN "Todo Se Repite" LP     12 Euros
ER-1250LP SOLEÁ MORENTE "Lo Que Te Falta" LP    12 Euros
ER-1254LP FRED FREDBURGUER "Fred Fredburguer" Mini-LP 10"    8 Euros
ER-1256LP THE YEARNING "Only When I'm Dancing" LP    12 Euros
ER-25-007SLP JUNIPER MOON "El Resto De Mi Vida (Reedición 2020)" LP     14 Euros
ER-246 CAMERA OBSCURA “I Love My Jean” Single      15 Euros
ER-337 SINGLE "Rea Del Ritmo" Maxi-Single 12"     10 Euros



ER-1027 LOS FLECHAZOS “Alta fidelidad” CD    12 Euros
ER-1027 LOS FLECHAZOS “Alta fidelidad” CD PROMO Especial Cadena 100 - Carton con Logo    15 Euros
ER-1079 DAMON & NAOMI "With Ghost" CD    14 Euros
ER-1072 NOSOTRÄSH “Mi Vida En Un Fin De Semana” CD Digipak    18 Euros
ER-1073 IBON ERRAZKIN “Ibon Errazkin” CD Digipak     12 Euros
PACK LE MANS F-I-N - 3 X CD    30    Euros
ER-S318 VAINICA DOBLE “Miss labores” CD-Single    15 Euros
ER-S357 SINGLE “Honey”  CD-Single     9 Euros
AQ-1001 SR CHINARRO "Sr Chinarro" CD primera edición    20 Euros
ER-1090 CAMERA OBSCURA “Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi” CD     12 Euros
ER-1001 VARIOS “A tribute to Felt” CD    25 Euros




 ••  TITLE  ••  FORMAT  ••  LABEL  ••  PRICE

HARPERS BIZARRE Feelin´ Groovy: The Best Of Harpers Bizarre CD (Warner) 12 €    
NINO BRAVO by La Casa Azul ‎– En Libertad CD (Universal) 25 €
ROCÍO DÚRCAL Las Canciones De Mis Películas 2CD (Polygram Iberica) 14 €    
THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART Higher than the stars CDS (Fortuna Pop) 4 €    
VV. AA. Rough Trade Shops, Indiepop 09 CD (Rough Trade) 12 €
25 tracks feat. The School, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Pocketbooks, Los Campesinos, Dum Dum Girls, Veronica Falls





A HOUSE I Want To Kill Something 7" (Setanta Records) 7€
A HOUSE Kick Me Again 7" (Setanta Records) 7€
ABERDEEN Sink Or Float 7" (Better Looking Records) 5€
ACTION PAINTING! These Things Happen 7" (Sarah Records) 28€
ALFIE Bookends 7" (Twisted Nerve) 5€
ALLEN CLAPP A Change In The Weather 7" (Four-Letter Words) 5€
ALLEN CLAPP Mystery Lawn 7" (The Bus Stop Label) 8€

B-FLOWER Stay Still / Last Snow of Winter 7" (Sugarfrost) 4€
B-FLOWER Strings 7" (Sugarfrost) 4€
BAPTISTE Kissing With Your Eyes Open 7" (Linear Records) 12€
BAPTISTE The Quiet Times / A Small Victory 7" (Sandman Records) 5€
BUDDHA ON THE MOON Crèpe Paper Airplane 7" (Wurlitzer Jukebox) 10€
BUSYTOBY Me, My Drums and You 7" (Parasol) 4€

CALL AND RESPONSE Rollerskate / Sun 7" (Shelflife Records) 4€
CATWALK Shiny Girl 7" (Yay! Records) 50€
Numbered edition of 250 copies. Comes with a poster and hand written name card of the label
CHICKS Little Monkeys With Lots Of Money 7" (Supremo Recordings) 4€
CONGREGATION Higher Grade / Zip 7" (The Leech Label) 3€

DISCO INFERNO Entertainment 7" (Ché) 35€
DJ DOWNFALL A Song For Kelly Le Brock 7" (Wiaiwya) 9€
DJ DOWNFALL Shape! 7" (Wiaiwya) 11€
DOLORES HAZE Birthday 7" (Sunday Records) 5€
DWEEB I.O.U. Everything / Reprise 7" (Blanco y Negro) 3€

EAST RIVER PIPE Miracleland 7" (Shinkansen) 8€
ETERNAL Breathe 7" (Sarah Records) 30€
ELECTRELANE Film Music 7" (Let´s Rock Records) 20€
EVA LUNA Kick Out (At The Things You Hate) 7" (A Turntable Friend) 3€
EVA LUNA Loverstay 7" (Sugarfrost) 3€
EVA LUNA Tangle 7" (Sugarfrost) 3€

FORMULA ONE Start The Ball Rolling 7" (Fierce Panda) 3€
FRANK BLAKE Plastic Bag 7" (Shoeshine Records) 8€
Edición Limitada de 1000 copias
FUDGE Astronaut / Drive 7" (The Bus Stop Label) 3€

GENTLE DESPITE The Darkest Blue EP 7" (Sarah Records) 19€
GENTLE DESPITE Torment To Me 7" (Sarah Records) 20€
GIRL OF MY BEST FRIEND Warm Around You 7" (Ambition Records) 9€

LAXTON´S SUPERB Coming Round 7" (Sacred) 4€
LITTLE JAPANESE TOY Little Boy 7" (Sickroom) 2€
LOTUS EATERS Could Go On / Just Life 7" (Slow River Records) 3€
LOTUS EATERS Too Late 7" (Harriet Records) 5€
LOVE PARADE Lazy Days 7" (A Turntable Friend) 24€

MAYLOVE That Word Big But 7" (Fuzzy Box Records) 15€
MR. FITZPOP This Charming Slim Shady 7" (B´stard Recordings) 6€

NELORIES Banana 7" (Sugarfrost) 5€

POASTAL Here 7" (Candy Floss Records) 4€
POP LEVI Reindeer In My Heart 7" (Invicta Hi-Fi Records) 5€

POP TARTS Censored Try Me 7" (Bungalow) 5€
POP THREAT Filth / So It Seemed Chéri 7" (Squirrel Records) 12€
POP-OFF TUESDAY Helicopter 7" (Pickled Egg Records) 5€
POWDER 20th Century Gods 7" (Parkway Records) 3€
POWDER Afrodisiac / Shave Me 7" (Parkway Records) 3€
POWDER Deep-Fried 7" (Parkway Records) 3€
PULLOVER Holiday 7" (Fierce Panda Records) 3€
PURE Aspidistra 7" (Sugarfrost) 15€
SEACHANGE Glitterball EP 7" (Matador) 11€
SLO-MO Death Of A Raver 7" (Circus) 3,5€
SMOG Ex-Con 7" (Domino) 9€
SNAP ANT You Make Me Basic 7" (Invicta Hi-Fi Records) 3€
ST. JAMES INFIRMARY Angelkagool 7" (Lust Recordings) 5€
STATELESS Down Here 7" (Sony Music) 3€
SONS & DAUGHTERS Dance Me In / Drunk Medicine 7" (Domino) 7,5€
SONS & DAUGHTERS Dance Me In / Poor Company 7" (Domino) 8€
SONS & DAUGHTERS Darling / Darling Jape Remix 7" (Domino) 8€ Part 2 of 2
SONS & DAUGHTERS Darling / Ribbons 7" (Domino) 8€ Part 1 of 2
SERGEANT BUZFUZ Plugged In 7" (Audio Gland Records) 4€
SUBMARINE Jnr. Elvis 7" (Ultimate Records) 6,5€
SUBMARINE Jodie Foster 7" (Ultimate Records) 3€
SUGAR PLANT Orange Filter / Cakes On The Shelf 7" (A Turntable Friend) 4€
SUNNY DAY SETS FIRE Wilderness 7" (W45) 3€
SUPERSTAR DISCO CLUB Katia Movement #1 7" (Ché) 8€
SWIRLIES Error 7" (Pop Narcotic) 7€
SYRUP USA Joie de Vol / Bulldozer 7" (Tru Luv Recordings) 6€
THE APPLE MOTHS Fred Astaire 7" (A Turntable Friend) 15€
THE ARTISANS Jazz Serenade 7" (Infidel Records) 5€
THE BUTTERFLIES OF LOVE The Mutation 7" (Fortuna Pop) 6€
THE BACHELOR PAD Smoothie / Do You Wanna Dance 7" (Egg Records) 3€
THE BANDITS 2 Step Rock 7" (Unique Records) 5€
THE BLUESKINS The Stupid Ones 7" (Domino) 4€
THE BUSY SIGNALS All The Young Designers 7" (Bad Jazz) 3€
THE CHALETS No Style 7" (Setanta Records) 9€
THE DELGADOS Girls Of Valour 7" (Chemikal Underground Records) 12€
THE DIGGERS Nobody´s Fool 7" (Creation Records) 3€
THE DREAMSCAPE Blackflower / Evergreen 7" (A Turntable Friend) 5€
THE FAMILY CAT Jesus Christ 7" (Clawfist) 3€
THE FLATMATES Tell Me Why 7" (Cubic Music) 6€ No cover
THE GLORY BOX Raining Embers 7" (Tea Time Records) 5€
THE GROOVE FARM Bagism EP 7" (Raving Pop Blast! Records) 20€
THE HIT PARADE Born In St Ives 7" (JSH Records) 6€
THE HIT PARADE In Your Arms 7" (JSH Records) 9€
THE KOMBI NATION There´s Nobody Coming Over 7" (Blind Records) 25€
THE MOONSOON BASSOON The King Of Evil 7" (Weird Neighbourhood Records) 6€
THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Letter From Belgium 7" (4AD) 6€
THE NICOTINES I Don´t Like It 7" (Rex Records) 4€
THE OLIVER BROWN TRIO Secret Home Party 7" (Little Pad Records) 6€
Feat. Andrea Perkins
THE PRISTINES Kimberley Somebody 7" (Sunday Records) 7€
THE SUGARGLIDERS Another Faux Pas In The Cathedral Of Love  7" (Marineville Records) 12€
THE SUGARGLIDERS Butterfly Soup 7" (Summershine) 14€
THE SUGARGLIDERS Furlough 7" (Summershine) 12€
THE SUGARGLIDERS Seventeen 7" (Sarah Records) 15€
THE SUGARPLASTIC Where Dead Bullies Go 7" (Minty Fresh) 3€
THE SWEETEST ACHE A New Beginning 7" (Sunday Records) 8€
THE SWEETEST ACHE Dreaming 7" (Sunday Records) 13€
THE SWEETEST ACHE Tell Me How It Feels 7" (Sarah Records) 25€
THE TENTACLES The Touch 7" (K Records) 6€
THE TRUDY Captain Scarlet 7" (Primitive Records) 5€
TRAMWAY Maritime City 7" (Sarah Records) 23€
TRAMWAY Sweet Chariot 7" (Sarah Records) 15€
TREE FOR ANGST Buzzing With Beauty & Wonder EP 7" (Velodrome Records) 5€
TREE FOR ANGST Hope 7" (Stickboy Records) 6€
TREE FOR ANGST Six Songs 7" (A Turntable Friend) 5€
TRIPMASTER MONKEY Shutters Closed 7" (Ché) 6€

VIC GODARD Won´t Turn Back 7" (Postcard Recordings) 25€
VENINI Mon Camion 7" (Bikini Records) 5€

WATERCOLOR SUNSET International Pop Star 7" (Sunday Records) 5€
WINTERBRIEF Sucrose Polyester 7" (Intellectos) 5€

TIGER TRAP / HENRY´S DRESS Astronautical Music Festival 7" (Slumberland Records) 15€


12" LP



THE WAKE Make It Loud LP (Sarah Records) 40€
LOS PLANETAS Zona Temporalmente Autónoma 2LP (El Volcán / El Ejército Rojo) 25 €
Gatefold Sleeve. Vinilo Transparente. Estado: Nuevo
VV. AA. Diamonds & porcupines, international guitar undergroun LP (Beat all the tambourines) 15 €
16 tracks feat. Pale Saints, Beat Happening, Bats, Go-team…  
VV. AA. Total art matchbox LP (Neptunes) 14 €
16 tracks feat. Bis, Bugbear, The Delgados, Mr. Dallas…  
VV. AA. Noises from the sound cupboard LP (Boa records) 14 €
17 tracks feat. Mogul, Adventures in stereo, One dove, Urusei yatsura, Magoo…  

 ••  TITLE  ••  FORMAT  ••  LABEL  ••  PRICE


MOOSE Jack MX (Hut recordings) 12 €
HUTT 3, 4 tracks  
MOOSE Reprise MX (Hut recordings) 12 €
HUTT 8, 4 tracks  
MOOSE Little bird (are you happy in your cage)? MX (Hut recordings) 12 €
HUTT 20, 3 tracks
THE PERFECT DISASTER Mood elevators ep MX (Fire) 12 €
BLAZE 38T, 4 tracks, 80´s UK pop rock  
THE PERFECT DISASTER TV (girl on fire) MX (Fire) 12 €
BLAZE 28T, 4 tracks, 80´s UK pop rock  
BLAZE 43T, 4 tracks, UK pop rock      
WHITE COME COME The broken bird ep MX (Sugarfrost) 9 €
FROSTY 3, 4 tracks, indie




VV.AA. Afterhours #11: You-Are-Photogenic Issue Magazine + CD (After Hours) 10€

12 tracks feat. Isan, Console, World´s End Girlfriend, Pulse Programming, Daniel Givens, Arovane, Nitroglycerine, Shinpei Okaya, Double, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Kazuya Kotani and Patrick Phelan

VV.AA. Afterhours #12: Hello-Folks Issue Magazine + CD (After Hours) 10€

12 tracks feat. Fleck, Cacoy, Kev Hopper, Drummatic, Hanauo, Charles Atlas, Richard Youngs, Dr. Drek / KPTM, Múm, Ozma Of Oz, Fan Club Orchestra Japan and Alasdair Roberts

VV.AA. Afterhours #14 Magazine + CD (After Hours) 10€

13 tracks feat. David Grubbs, Test Pattern, Letter E, State River Widening, Gel, Million Afro Steppers, Syunichi Suge, World´end Girlfriend, Four Color, RDL, Lali Puna, Subtle and Mark Kozelek

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