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The digital releases and free downloaded included in Elefant Records vinyl are downloaded through our website. Visit www.elefant.com/coupons and enter your "Unique Access Code" to start downloading.


Please don`t use phones or tablets to download the folder - the download is a .zip file and only works with computers. When you have decompressed the songs onto your computer you can then transfer to your phone or tablet.


ZIP is an archive file format that supports lossless data compression. A . zip file may contain one or more files/folders that may have been compressed. Zip files generally use the file extensions ".zip". A program is used to decompress these files - there are many commercial and free programs, the most popular are Winzip and WinRAR, both free.


Depending on the release and your internet connection, the download can take more or less time. It is important not to close the browser or window of Elefant`s website until the download is complete.


Entering the "download code" on the Elefant website may open a new pop-up window by verifying the code is correct and the "Download" button - clicking on this button starts the download. If you do not see this window it is possible that you have blocked this option on your browser.

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