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Reseña "Loveless unbeliever"

The School [Calle 20]foto: Archivo Elefant



Reseña "Loveless Unbeliever"

THE SCHOOL - Loveless UnbelieverSo, loveless unbelievers then; if you ask us they’re taking over the world and that, my friends, is not good news. Just look around, you know who they are. I’m just glad that you’re not one of them. I mean, seriously, you have to wonder at what&rsquo…



Reseña "Loveless Unbeliever"

The School - Loveless UnbelieverBy Alex Brady As the summer rolls in, I find myself being confronted with more and more releases toting themselves as the anthem for this year’s brief spell of ultraviolet exposure. Today, I pass judgement upon The School’s “Loveless Unbeliever.&rdqu…



Reseña "Loveless Unbeliever"

Loveless UnbelieverI find it ironic that Loveless Unbeliever, the debut LP from The School, begins “An apology for today, an apology for a lifetime”, because I feel I owe them an apology. I recently discovered that, in my first posts about them (over a year ago, now), I called The School…



Reseña "Loveless unbeliever"

THE SCHOOL - Loveless UnbelieverOn their debut album, Loveless Unbeliever, the School prove that they have fully absorbed the lessons of the classic girl groups and Brill Building songwriters, and deliver an album full of instantly memorable songs that plays like a greatest-hits collection. The grou…



Reseña "Loveless unbeliever"

I also have a new favorite this week -- I had not even heard of them until a couple of days ago. They are called The School. Loveless Unbeliever is their debut album on Elefant Records. They are a new twee pop band from Wales who occupy the same musical space as Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura.…



Reseña "Loveless unbeliever"

The School - Loveless unbelieverDesde que escuchamos por primera vez a “The School” en su EP “Let it slip” publicado por Elefant en el 2008 hemos estado esperando con ansia la salida de su primer larga duración, “Loveless unbeliever”. Y la espera ha merecido la pe…











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