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All Music [Usa]: Reseña "Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything"

Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything The SchoolThe School's second album, Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything, suffers a tiny bit in comparison to their debut, Loveless Unbeliever. That record was made up of mostly singles and tracks drawn from the band's first few years tog…



Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World [Uk]: Reseña "Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything"

Mr. Suave's Reviews You Can Use -- The School's Latest Is a Winner The School is one of the leaders among indie bands that are keeping sixties pop and soul alive in contemporary music. The Cardiff band's sound hasn't evolved, because it didn't need to, as much as it has been shar…



The Line Og Best Fit [Uk]: Reseña "Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything"

The School – Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everythingby Ian Gordon The School have studied hard, taking their lessons from ’60s pop and soul (and a spot of contemporary twee), and yet by keeping their curriculum so elementary, they risk missing out on the top grades.  Reading Too Muc…


08/05/2012 [Es]: "That Boy Is Mine" canción recomendada por Radio3

The School - That boy is minePor Paula QuintanaLos galeses The School tienen listo un segundo álbum que van desvelando poco a poco en Internet. Cada lunes y cada viernes, la banda que lidera Liz comparte un nuevo tema del que será el próximo disco de The School, Reading Too Much Into Things Like Eve…



A Musical Priority [Uk]: Reseña previa al lanzamiento de "Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything "

The SchoolReading Too Much Into Things Like Everything‘Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything’ contains twelve songs that will leave you with a great big smile on your face and feeling happy from your head to you toe. Each song is timeless pop that would sound great in any era of m…



The Indie Handbook [Uk]: Reseña "Never Thought I'd See The Day"

Indiepop’d: Back to School  I’ve been hearing rumblings about new music from my old friends The School for almost a year, and now, finally, the time has come. A single, along with a whale of a cover designed by drummer and Bubblewrap Collective-ist Rich Chitty, is due out from Elefant Re…



Reseña single digital y vídeo-clip "I Love Everything"

Vídeo ‘I Love Everything’ de The SchoolEl single incluye la primera maqueta de ‘All I Wanna Do’ y su homenaje a Springsteen, ‘Hungry Heart’.Uno de los temas más bonitos de ‘Loveless Unbeliever‘, el álbum debut de los galeses, sale a la luz en forma de …











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