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Destroy//Exist [En]: "Summer Days"

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Where Swedish indie pop meets with British influences that are equal parts twee and sixties pop, Alpaca Sports are one of the best choices to go with.

The band formed in late 2011 by Andreas Jonsson, shuffled its lineup a few times, and the last time they were active with a release was in 2015 with the mini-LP, When You Need Me Most. They return with their upcoming album, From Paris With Love, soon to be released on Spanish indie pop label, Elefant Records. It was written by Andreas and the group's newest member Lisle Mitnik (Tiny Fireflies) in Paris, inspired by the overwhelming feelings brought by the new startup in a new place, and the majestic city itself.

Summer Days is the first single off the forthcoming record; a delightful amalgamation of the quirky pop traits and immediate sound of acts like the early Belle And Sebastian and The Pastels, and the lush of Saint Etienne. The album was produced by masterful producer Ian Catt (The Field Mice, Saint Etienne, Trembling Blue Stars and more).

The fantastic looking video comes courtesy of Andreas' childhood friend and frequent collaborator, Carl Jirestedt who did a great job on capturing the band's colorfulness and retro indie pop idiosyncrasy with magnificent visuals.










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