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Going Solo [En]: "Summer Days" [Reseña]

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Alpaca Sports – Summer Days

by Luca Pasi


It seems like only yesterday when, charmed only by the funny name, I listened for the first time to a song by Alpaca Sports. Actually it’s been seven years since I hit the play button on Just for Fun and many things have happened since that day. By now we can assure that they are no longer a bet and their sound has entered the list of Sweden groups when it comes to play with indie-pop and geography.

Now in 2018, Alpaca Sports are back with a new song released on Elefant Records. Summer Days turns out to be an Alpaca song from top to bottom: sweet lyrics, fast rhythms, ringing guitar arpeggios, distilled guitar-pop arrangements and a well-kept production entrusted by the expert Ian Catt. Summer Days is warm and luminous as a Nordic summer and it gives the impression that Andreas has reached a surprising perfection both formal and expressive.

And then with this appetizer, we believe the upcoming From Paris With Love will be a precious album, which – no doubt – someone, including myself, will fall in love in silence, and will write the reason in his diary, and in ten years will rewrite it again in a book, a magazine, a webzine.

“I just need you and summer days in the sun”










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