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Linear Tracking Lives! [En]: Add Free Song To Your School Folder [Review]

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Add Free Song To Your School Folder



If you're a regular reader, then you already know my infatuation with the School runs deep. 'Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything' was my No. 2 album of 2012, and I'm absolutely smitten by the Welsh band's brand of '60s and girl-group influences. Our first listen to a song from 'Wasting Away and Wondering,' the impending album out Sept. 4 via Elefant Records, was the single "All I Want From You Is Everything." You may recall the 7" came out a few months ago on beautiful white vinyl, but it's already sold out through the label (although I just checked, and you can still get it through Darla... hurry!). Our second listen to a song from the new album is a much easier (and cheaper!) endeavor. Elefant has just released "Do I Love You?" as a digital-only single... and it's a free download!! It's not your imagination. I have gone crazy with the exclamation points today. Sorry. Just excited.

"Do I Love You?" is described as "an upbeat Northern Soul-inspired track, a girl's response to the famous Frank Wilson song." If you're thinking you recently read about that song somewhere, perhaps one of your regular blog stops is Across the Kitchen Table. Drew spent much of the spring counting down his 50 favorite Northern Soul songs, and Wilson's 1965 hit "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)" made his top 10. High praise, indeed.

To download the latest from Liz and Co., visit Elefant's coupons pageand enter the code 02D80Z1Z4XU9 for your copy of the free single. It's a keeper that does its job well. This preview of things to come will certainly have you excited for the new album too.













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