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A Musical Priority [En]: Do I Love You?

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The School

Do You Love Me?


Label: Elefant Records


‘Do I Love You?’ is the latest single from one of the greatest living pop bands of recent times, The School. Yes that may seem like high praise, but it is praise that is more than deserved as far as I am concerned. I know I am not on my own when it comes to my love for The School, there are many of you that do not need me to tell you just how great the music they create is. However, living in a world where real pop music does not always hit the top of the charts, listening to this song once again inspires me to say how amazing this band are.

  As they always manage to do, The School have yet again summed up everything that is great about pop music with ‘Do I Love You?’; this is a single that will simply lift you up to a place that you never thought possible. If you want a song that combines melodies that will make you want to dance, choruses and verses that are a match made in heaven together with adorably sweet lyrics sung in a way that makes them impossible not to love, then ‘Do I Love You?’ is the song for you.   


The single is accompanied by a video made by Croftwerk at The Carlton Club in Manchester and features dancer Lauren Fitzpatrick from the ‘Northern Soul’ film. Watch the video below and I am sure you will share my views on how perfect this song is.   ‘Do I Love You?’ is available now as a free download and you can save the money that you would have spent on the single and put it towards The School’s third album ‘Wasting Away and Wondering’ which is due to be released on Friday 4th September.   Steve Tay










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