The School, on the new Rough Trade compilation, "Indiepop 09"

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The debut album of THE SCHOOL and one of the prestigious "Rough Trade" compilations on which they also appear are finally about to be released! If they did it the first time with “All I Wanna Do” on the “Counter culture 08” this time they're doing it with "And Suddenly" on “Indiepop 09”, an incredible version of one the the latest compositions by LEFT BANKE that was originally published on the Split single with GEORGE WASHINGTON BROWN on Slumberland Records.

This disc is an authentic breath of fresh air and the more than palpable confirmation of the Revival that's been going on lately of 80s and 90s indiepop, and of what was defined as C-86 after that mythic Cassette published by NME titled “C-86” that included songs from some of the most interesting indie groups of that year (THE PASTELS, SHOP ASSISTANTS, McCARTHY, WEDDING PRESENT, SOUP DRAGONS, PRIMAL SCREAM...). Elefant Records was an important part of that movement, not only through the release of indiepop groups from all over the planet; at Elefant we organized concerts in Spain for HEAVENLY, THE PASTELS, STEREOLAB, THE FRANK AND WALTERS, BMX BANDITS..., but Elefant was also the distributor in Spain for mythic labels like Sarah Records, Subway Records, Setanta Records, Bus Stop, Sunday Records, K Records, Slumberland Records, Parasol, A Turntable Friend, Heaven Records, Marsh Marigold Records, Tea Time Records...

In that era we flooded the small stores dedicated to pop and our mail catalog with practically all of the albums that came out on indie labels each year, big labels or small, from any part of the world, and topped off with Fanzines, Flexis and Cassettes. It was an incredible era, of authentic, effervescent pop from all over the world, music full of sweetness and freshness that hadn't been experienced since the beloved 60s.

This new compilation, “Indiepop 09”, feels likes it’s straight from that era. Sean Forbes, who has been working in the Rough Trade store for a many years and who has been in a ton of different groups, (among them the mythic EGGPLANT, that released singles on the best indie labels of the era and released their debut album and a splendid single on Elefant) was in charge of selecting the disc's track-list, an impeccable selection with almost all of our favorite groups of the moment, from DUM DUM GIRLS to VERONICA FALLS, including TULLYCRAFT, VIVIAN GIRLS, THE GIRLS AT DOWN, BETTY AND THE WEREWOLVES, POCKETBOOKS, LOS CAMPESINOS, THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO, THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART... and so on for a total of 25 great songs of pure indiepop!

You have to get this disc - it's a good compilation and authentic oasis in the midst of a ton of trash that fills the record stores in our country.

"Rouge Trade" - The School - Cover
picture: Rouge Trade



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