THE HEPBURNS (feat. Estella Rosa) "Five Miles Of Line" Digital Single

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While we are still waiting for the incredible “Architecture Of The Ages”, the collaboration THE HEPBURNS and Estella Rosa (NAH) worked on during confinement, and which will be their full-length debut on Elefant Records, we have a new advance for you in the form of a Digital Single. “Five Miles Of Line” is an example of their trademark excellent work: sunny melodies, delicious harmonies, echoes of sixties and lounge music, and the outpouring of C86 flooding the room. The trumpet and the parapapas. Pop in its purest, most precious state. And for the occasion, a previously unreleased track for the B-side. “See You Around” is a farewell to confinement, all the characters that accompany Matt Jones, Mike Thomas and Les Mun in that period. A song that came about the days before streets were opened again, and that revelry seeps into all of this song’s marvelous choruses that reminds us of vocal groups from the sixties like THE FREE DESIGN and THE 5TH DIMENSION.


And to go with the launch, a delicious video filmed by James Owen and directed by Daniel Cuenca following trains, tracing the coast, leaving Cardiff, reaching the sea. At the same time, we can see Matt, Mike and Les playing, connecting with Estella in the choruses. Two new objects of tremendously detailed work that leave us craving that imminent album more than before.




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