Stereo Total, single "Plástico"

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Françoise Cactus and Brezel Göring [STEREO TOTAL], make their comeback in 2007 with the new album (the fantastic “Paris-Berlin”) which brings them back to their lo-fi roots. The best group in the world, according to MOMUS and “…the best pop group in the world” as noted in The Guardian, has shown that their formula stands stronger than ever with this album. Rough edged, romantic, vulgar, warm and in your face as always are the key components which bequeath us with the 14 shots launched against boredom and apathy. One of them being “Plastic” which Françoise and Brezel chose to open up their first Single for Elefant, this time in a fun Spanish version. As their followers know, this French-German duo has always toyed singing in other languages on their albums. They have sang in Japonese, Turkish, Italian, English and also in Spanish. It’s the first time they have released an album entirely in our language and furthermore, with the peculiarity of the remaining songs being covers of classic songs from the Elefant catalogue chosen by the artists themselves. The first pleasing song is one of the most popular hits of LA CASA AZUL, "C'est fini" (which is off the album "Tan simple como el amor") a sparkling mix of rock, jumping sensations and rawness all in one. Continuing to mesmerize us, the next cover is from the group LE MANS, “Un Rayo de Sol” from the album of the same title. This version respects the original so much that you can hardly tell the difference if it were not for the absence of the sax simple. To finísh up, “Arte” by NOSOTRÄSH, which opens their album "Popemas" in a dub version which quite frankly seems to be a remix of Ibon Errazquin in love with reggae and Jamaican sounds. If you’re still not convinced of the wonder of this album, the vinyl comes in scarlet passioned red. Enough said!



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