SINGLE: Release a video and digital single for "Me Enamoré" with a previously unreleased song as the B-side

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SINGLE is a one-of-a-kind, inimitable group, and we will never get tired of saying so. We are still retracing the grooves of “Rea”, the last album from the duo formed by Teresa Iturrioz and Ibon Errazkin, and we are still finding touching and exciting surprises. One of these surprises is this “Me Enamoré” that is being released now as a digital single. It is a vaudeville-esque song, fantastical and full of sharp irony, and includes a rap by Garbanzo. One of those finds that throws you off the first time you hear it, and that inexplicably holds onto you, making you listen to it again and again until you can finally begin to understand that its mysteries are unexplainable, and that the only thing you can do is give yourself over to them.


For this digital single’s previously unreleased B-side, we have new proof of SINGLE’s skills with covers – both for choosing them and for covering them. In this case, we’re talking about “Soy Una Nube”, by the Columbian duo Elia y Elizabeth, who just released a compilation album with songs from their two albums from the early 70s, which had been lost and forgotten by the music industry for decades. And Teresa and Ibon’s revision reflects part of the melancholy psychedelia of the original, bathing it in those small samples and flirtations that are the house specialty. It’s an incredible song that they played for the first time at the Elefant party in Madrid on November 5th, 2011, and which they have included in their live shows more than once since then. Now, finally, we have the long-awaited studio version.


But as always happens when SINGLE has a release, it is never just the single; a lot of big news starts to circulate around them. First, there is the video, directed, as usual, by Miguel G. Bergareche, with the wardrobe by the well-known designer Carlos Díez Díez, starring the Basque actress Miren Ibarguren (Escenas de Matrimonio, Aída), which highlights the theatrical aspects of the song, with a lot of surprises and incredible moments (as if it could be anything less). And second, once again, the delicious cover art by Javier Aramburu, which reinforces the irony that abounds in the song, with its personal, recognizable touch. Marvelous, as always.


Rub your hands together in glee and enjoy. Each new piece of news about SINGLE is a stop along the way, the start of something new, a vicious cycle, an unsolvable crime. A single.







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